All about me

Who am I? Well, I am just starting to figure that all out.  I am a wife to one (Mr Messy) and mother to two amazing kids (The Laid Back Kid and the Tiny Diva).  A dog and cat (both rescues)  complete our little family.  I’m a working mom, and a bit of a domestic failure.  Don’t get me wrong, some things domestically I am amazing at…it’s just that the big picture of my domestic life is chaos.

Each of my days begins with frantically getting myself and the Laid Back Kid (LBK) ready to exit the family domicile, while the dog and cat race under my feet and I must use secret ninja skills not to wake up Tiny Diva (TD) and the Mr.  It’s then a race against time to get LBK to school, me to work, and not go inwardly postal at other drivers’ stupidity.  I spend my days at work listening to people’s problems, and then it’s a mad dash to pick up two kids from  two different towns by 6pm, or the daycare charges me for every minute I am late.  After attempting to put my sub par cooking skills to work to ensure the children don’t starve, making sure the dog doesn’t explode from not going outside while I’m at work, and making sure my kids aren’t the “stinky kids”, I get the kiddos to bed and stare at my surroundings.Then it’s a mad dash to do SOME sort of housework and a little TV time. Oh yes, and let’s not forget the mound of homework my son’s teacher sends home for ME to complete each night! The Mr works late hours, so most nights I am home on my own with 2 sleeping kids.  This has led to my slight addiction to reality TV shows.

My house drives me INSANE.   I dream of a picture perfect house where everything has a place, and everything is clean and clutter free.  My surroundings are much more of a harsh reality, with four people who lead busy lives, and all of us lacking in the domestic department.  I am always 5 steps behind in housekeeping.  ok, make that 10. Maybe 15.  The house isn’t filthy, but it’s cluttered with toys, and there is always just so much to do, yet no time to do it in.  I admit, it gets overwhelming.  Sometimes, there is so much to do, that I don’t know where to begin.  (OMG, I so sound like a pre-hoarder.  I swear I’m not!)  It doesn’t help that as soon as I clean the house, within 2 days, it’s a mess again.  I find it demotivating.

I generally feel like the “fail mom” at school.  I can’t volunteer much because of work, I’m always losing birthday party invites until the last minute, and I’m all always that mom who arrives at the drop off just as the teachers are going in and shutting the door.  I’m the tattooed mom who seems to get the job done but doesn’t always do it and standard soccer mom style.  I spend much of my day feeling frazzled. I know they say a messy mind=a messy life.  I am a HOT MESS.  I think my brain has all it can handle, and everything else is just on autopilot….even if the pilot is arriving late or barely at all.

Yet honestly?  I love my messy little life.  I have a husband that adores me (yet busts my ladyballs until I’m doubled over laughing), kind kids (If I raise two kind hearted human beings in this scary world, I consider myself a success) and a job I don’t mind doing.  I may feel like I’m failing on a daily basis because my house usually looks like a tornado came through it, but I’m am loved by those I love the most.  Therefore, I feel I am succeeding.

Come chat with me, find me on twitter, (@messy_housewife) or join me here. Some topics you’ll find me discussing:  Housekeeping (my successes, and a whole lot of my failures), kids, Real Housewives shows and Honey Boo Boo.  I’ll talk about cancer sometimes, because it’s attacked my family.  Some of the battles we lost, and some we’ve won.  I’ll talk about skincare (I’m a licensed esthetician) and beauty.  Sometimes I’ll talk about tattoos (I’ll explain more on that later).  Mostly, it will be my day to day experiences.  BEWARE: I do have a bit of a potty mouth, and I’m certainly not always PC.  I love a grand debate.  Welcome!



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