Pioneer Woman, I am Not.

So, we’re kind of in a pandemic, as I am sure you’ve noticed. I also have kids, one of whom is perpetually on the go and looking for things to do, especially if any of those things to do (outside of cleaning her room) is able to be done with me. The other night, I get a wild hair and decide we should try to grow some veggies and plants in pots.

Now look, perhaps it was a gin and tonic having that thought, because I can’t grow anything. I’m struggling to grow GRASS in my yard, and here I am like farmer Jane thinking I’m going to go all natural and grow some fruits and veggies myself. What was I thinking? But with Amazon at my fingertips, I ordered the plants, and prepared myself for almost certain failure.

The little was thrilled to see the packages arrive, along with some lavender plants I wanted. If you want to know how things are progressing in this story, the lavender plants arrived healthy and are now shriveled in a pot. I keep sending them “thoughts and prayers” but just like in the real world, that shit doesn’t seem to be working, so I’m looking up other ideas to help them.

Yesterday we planted strawberry root things, and a tomato plant. It says to put them in an area with some sun, and I did that. It says not to over water, so I am being oh so careful to give them what seems enough without it being too much. I am also bringing them inside at night so they don’t get too cold. I have Goldilocks the plant’s and a brown thumb. I have no idea if they will grow but my goodness I am keeping fingers crossed. I would love the little to see this succeed.

I come from a long line of farmers. Veggie farmers, or “market gardeners” as we called them. Everytime I put my hands in soil I feel like my ancestors are cringing. Gardening does not appear to be a genetic gift, that’s for sure.

So as I drag these pots in and out, muttering to myself about not being a pioneer woman, I am trying to hold hope. Hope we can safely hug our loved ones soon, hope I can see my family overseas again, hope that our country doesn’t go down in flames as everyone appears to hate each other, and hope that I can grow a damn strawberry plant so my daughter will see me succeed and she will feel success too. If not, we’ll chalk it up to a learning experience and “not everyone is good at everything, and that’s ok”.

But if you could keep your fingers crossed for me, I’d appreciate it.

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