A Little Sun

I realized the other day I haven’t really talked to many people (outside of work) during the “stay at home” portion of the Covid thing. To be honest I’ve been so busy at work that I haven’t had much time. Because my job requires a great amount of talking, after work I tend to be much more quiet these days. When I DO talk to people, I find they fall on far ends of the spectrum. Either they are, like me, insanely busy at work, or they are not working and running out of ways to entertain themselves. I have those who don’t mind the stay at home order, and others who feel incredibly antsy and can’t wait to get out and about. Me? Well, I’m sort of in the middle of it all. I am grateful to be working, feel quite content to be working from home home, but I certainly enjoyed the experience of going to a store yesterday (going out with purpose felt delightful). I have to say though, I notice a distinct downward tilt in my mood when the weather gets dreary outside.

It’s funny, because I normally find rainy days quite cosy, and they remind me of the frequent rain in England. In other words, I find rainy days rather comforting. Since I have been cooped up in the house for weeks on end, however, the rainy, cold, or windy days have left me feeling, well, rather down. I’m working during the day so I don’t get outside much. One bright spot of being stuck at home is that we as a family have been working outside in the yard more, cutting things back, expanding the space. I purchased a couple of chairs for our outdoor porch (which my husband is currently assembling!) a new outdoor rug, and a table. I also got an extra wifi extender, with the goal to be allowing us to work online outside if need be. The money saved for a small trip is instead going to our “staycation” so to speak. I think being cooped up within 4 walls will feel less constrictive if we have an outdoor space which is more usable.

Imagine my joy seeing that Saturday is supposed to be decent weather! One of my two days off, I normally luxuriate in sleeping in after a week of being up early. Not this Saturday! This week I am powerwashing, cleaning, mowing, planting and mulching. I don’t care if I end up laid up in bed Sunday with back pain, because Sunday is going to be a rainy day. I am excited to get the space up to par so we can enjoy it for the rest of the summer.

I’ve mentioned how important it is these days to find little sparks of joy. I should probably also remind everyone not to wax off a chunk of your eyebrow (oh wait, I already did) despite it sure making you feel like you should stay indoors. While our yard is nothing to write home about, I am excited to spruce it up a little and am finding happiness in doing so. Now if we could just have a few warm days so I can go out and enjoy it, that would be perfect.

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