So There May Have Been a Quarantine Eyebrow Waxing Incident….

Today I decided would have some self care peppered in. Since I have been unable to get my hair colored at the salon with the stay at home order in place, I decided to do it at home. Luckily because my stylist is a friend, he dropped off my formula for me in my mailbox. Afterwards I blew out my hair, and I was feeling pretty awesome. Since I had done my hair, I decided to wax my lip and brows too.

I got everything ready and set to work. Things were going smoothly. I waxed my lip (a “stache isn’t cute, even if it’s a quarantine ‘stache) and everything was fine. I did my left brow, and it looked pretty damned good. I’ll be honest, my eyesight Is going downhill, so I can’t see my brows super well unless I am right up near the mirror anyway. All was well, until my daughter came to see what I was doing. She began chatting away, and as I was trying to answer her, my attention faltered on what I was doing. Somehow while addressing my unibrow, which is all blinding light hair, I went too far over. Wax got into the start of my eyebrow hair, and unbeknownst to me, when I pulled the strip, I yanked off the beginning of my damned eyebrow.

My eyebrow now begins WAY too far over.

I looked in the mirror and I just KNEW. This had not gone well at all. My daughter paused in mid sentence, looked at my eyebrow and said “oh”….”ohhh” softly. She knew. I knew. We had had an “incident” with my eyebrow.

I’m sort of a girly girl, and sort of not. I normally wear makeup every day. Not a lot mind you, but I do wear some. I’ll put it this way…I wear enough that when I didn’t wear it and my best friend saw me, she thought I looked sick and not like myself. I told her to wait a few moments, ran upstairs and put my makeup on. When I came down she looked confused and said “what did you do? Now you look totally healthy and normal!” When I don’t wear any makeup I feel I look like a Victorian child struck with the influenza. Now that being said, I’m not what I consider good at makeup. I wish I was and could do all the cool things on the YouTube tutorials, but I just can’t master it. Maybe it’s that my eyesight is going down hill, maybe I’m just not artistic. I’m just not good at it. The thing I am worst at? Brows of course!

What’s funny is that I mentioned it on social media and my girlfriends all commented “evidence please!” And I obliged. Where I had hoped that maybe it would be only me that really noticed it, they all responded in a manner that made me realize everyone would notice my now wonky brow. “Pencilling them in should take care of it!” Clearly these friends have more faith in my makeup skills than I do. Thank goodness for online ordering. I reached out and got recommendations on an eyebrow pencil to help the situation. My female friends were all over it, trying to console me over the loss of my eyebrow, recommending items, and cheering me on.

I surmise that tomorrow night I will be researching “eyebrow videos” and trying to figure out how to hide the fact my face looks shifted to one side. If I squint and furrow my brow, it’s not so obvious, but who wants to walk around looking angry all these time? So now it looks like my face is trying to flee off my head.

As you know, I always look for silver linings. Mine for today is that I shall find it easier to maintain life staying at home so I can hide the waxing tragedy on my face. Please keep your fingers crossed my eyebrow grows back.

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