Checking in. How YOU doin'?

Well, it’s been a hot minute since I last wrote, and it seemed like a good time to hop back on the old blog and check in with everyone. Things felt incredibly surreal the past few days. Roads are quiet, places are (mostly) quiet, and I’ve spent more time outside than usual the past week. There seems to be 3 camps in all of this: Those who heed the warnings and are self quarantined, those who think it’s all bogus and who are congregating with other people, and those in the middle. I’m a middle of the line person. I’ve gone to the supermarket for food etc, but am otherwise self quarantining to keep those around me (and myself) as healthy as possible. The only real break I’ve gotten is that the little one and I have been taking long walks at the beach or around the neighborhood. We usually tackle 2-4 miles a day, and it’s my time to clean my mind of all the chaos as well as get some exercise. On the plus side? I even lost a few pounds! Perhaps I’ll even this stay at home stretch with some roots, but at least I may finish a little leaner from getting more exercise! The fresh air, peaceful scenery, and good weather has been awesome. Our beach has a little rock garden that says you may take a painted rock if you see one that calls to you, or paint rocks and leave for others. Well, the other day I found the PERFECT rock and it made me smile from ear to ear. It came home with me, so now I suppose I will be painting some rocks to replace it.

While the kids have been really responsible and self reliant for their school work, I’ve been tackling a huge pile of work at my job. I’m left exhausted and questioning if I’ll get a perfect work/life balance through all of this, but I at least feel productive. It’s not all roses though. My husband’s business had to close, so we’re struggling with that. I have no doubt we’ll manage, but it doesn’t mean things aren’t a bit scary. Unfortunately self employed people can’t collect unemployment, so we’re just going to have to take the hit.

When I was younger, my mom always told me “no matter how bad things get, there will always be someone worse off than you. See if you can be a helper”. It has certainly been true this past week, and I have spent a lot of time seeing how folks react. For every toilet paper hoarder, there are those offering help to the elderly or those with compromised immune systems. Before we knew we had to shut the business, we were in need of some supplies. A friend of mine jumped into action to help me get what we needed. I took an extra pack of toilet paper I had to a family who has a member with cancer. Multiple people in the neighborhood have offered to help pic up food or meds for those in need. Neighbors are out in their yards, staying to themselves but waving to each other, asking each other if they need something. It’s been, dare I say, rather nice.

As an introvert, I’m cut out for this “homebound” stuff. Granted, I’ve been so busy with work, the kids, and cooking that I’m not getting a lot of TV Binge time, but I am finding time for things I want to do. I navigated a few chores around the house, but I’m certainly still far behind on my grand list. I shall also be interested to see if we save much on food now that we are eating in just about every night, aside from trying to support our local places that do family meal curbside takeout. It’s nice to have my husband home.

Hang in there folks. If we can handle this whole “stay at home” thing for a couple of weeks, this too shall pass. It’s not just about our own health, but the health of all the people we love. Stay home, enjoy the down time, and spend some time taking walks or bike rides if you can (socially distanced, of course!). Things feel kind of scary right now for a lot of people, for sure. That being said, our record of making it through scary days is 100%.

Stay safe and be well my friends.

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