Hey Sad Sack…Updated

Let me start this post by saying it’s directed towards a very specific person who refuses to leave me alone.

C, What do you want? Seriously, what are you looking for here? I’ve told you over and over to leave me alone, stop stalking me, yet you keep coming back over and over. You know I can see when you do, so what are you looking for? What are you trying to accomplish? Or does your OCD prevent you from stopping this craziness?

Tell you what, C, I’m going to unblock you on my phone for a short time. Knock yourself out and tell me what you want because I’m over years and years of your fucking nonsense and harassment. Everyone is. So get it all of your chest if you need to, k?

We can all be adults here. And if we can’t, well, then let’s figure that out and I’ll move forward accordingly. So have at it.

Side note, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Jared James probably isn’t going to be thrilled about being dragged into nonsense by people.

This is so damned pathetic I can’t even believe it.

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