Stalker’s still stalkin’

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you probably have read that I have a stalker. It’s an unfortunate situation, because it’s someone I’m related to, and someone I was once close with. That being said, the stalking and harassment has continued on for 5 years. Despite me blocking on social media, taking social media accounts down for a while, not writing on my blog, and multiple other things, the situation is persisting. There is an obsession with me that she has that I can’t understand, and it’s gotten to the point where I had to put standalone software on my blog to monitor traffic. She has made over 280 page views in less than 3 months, occasionally from her home, but mostly from her job. She’s on here almost on the daily, except for a quick break for a few days here and there. She took a week off and I thought that she’d finally moved on, but then it started up again. I’m pretty sure she knows I can tell she stalks me on here, as I’ve been open about the fact I can track it but she doesn’t have enough pride or self respect to stop looking.

And the best part? She served me with a cease and desist accusing ME of stalking HER. Meanwhile, she’s steady checking my blog at 7 something AM some days, or late at night. I really am just tired and over it, so I’m going to lay it all out here as an open letter since I know this is CLEARLY the best way for her to see it without everyone she knows seeing it. I’m not that much of a bitch. Sorry you all have to be a part of it.

So C, let’s just state the facts, shall we?

Over the past 5 years, you have (and not in any particular order):

  1. Created a fake twitter account and blog account name to try and interact with me and dig for some sort of intel. When I called you on it immediately you SCREAMED at me in the parking lot asking me HOW DARE I ACCUSE YOU of doing that. Then a few years later you were forced to admit it was you all along. You also kept up the backstory for that account for 4 years, even while I was under the impression we were pretty close. You then told me “it was years ago, big deal, you should just get over it”. Is that how you apologize?
  2. You stalked Lucille under a fake page, and denied that too, remember?
  3. You stalk your foster child’s parents, adopted daughter’s bio parents, all under the same account, and have done so for years. Have you been up front with them and the state about that? I’d determine the answer is no.
  4. You created ANOTHER fake blog name to get notifications when I post, which you admitted…..
  5. ….in one of your endless text attacks on me, one of which had 76 texts in one morning. The other was the day after my birthday where you felt entitled to try to “tell me about myself”, both of these after me telling you to leave me alone.
  6. You tried emailing my husband, who never read it, deleted and blocked you.
  7. I password protected my blog posts and you sent me an enraged email TO MY JOB asking how dare I prevent you from reading it. ARE YOU SERIOUS WITH THAT HORSESHIT? You’re mad I stopped your stalking for a moment? Why do you feel entitled to knowing ANYTHING about me? We have no relationship.
  8. You started a passive aggressive “pinning battle” where you called me names etc because you think every dry, dark or sarcastic thing I pin has to be about you. Here’s a tip, it’s not. You admitted to others you just sat pinning nasty stuff and directed it all at me. Here’s a newsflash…I don’t think about you. I responded in kind to run a test or two on how often you read my pinterest and to see if we could do a timed test. I posted, and low and behold, you would post a reponse pin in 3.5 minutes. A second test later in the day yielded less than 5 minutes. I have no doubt you just scrolled my pins constantly all day. Seriously, I’m not that interesting.
  9. I watched as you tried to guess the passwords to my blog etc.
  10. You served me with that cease and desist you pulled the template off for on the internet. This was months after you swaggered around the family telling a bold face lie that you’d served me, because you hadn’t. (Lying is your favorite, and it’s honestly frightening you BELIEVE YOUR OWN LIES). You served me, but meanwhile were on here multiple times a day constantly checking to see what I was doing. You’re the one stalking me, not the other way around, but hey, you think what you want. So you served me, right in front of my children. You sent some strange man to my home, knowing I’d likely be home alone with the kids, to come on my property despite being told not to. Your nephew went into a complete panic because he heard the whole thing out the open window with me telling the man to stop as he started approaching me down near the back of the house and as I told him to leave the property and keep away from me. Both kids went into a panic that something was happening to their mother, and they know the whole story of what you have done because they’ve watched it unfold with their own eyes. You destroyed your relationship with them and have nobody to blame but yourself. You told your daughter not to speak to me but have no problem marching up to my daughter to say hi. Newsflash, she is polite and will respond in kind but she came to me to ask why you say one thing and do another.
  11. You’ve destroyed your relationship with all 4 of us, all by yourself. We’re not the only ones, but I won’t speak for others.
  12. You can say what you want about me, but I rallied for you coming back into the fold, I was the only person who went to the adoption ceremony, and I defended your crazy, unstable behavior for far too long.
  13. You’ve sent me unsolicited, unwanted texts, emails, and blog posts from your fake person you use.
  14. Remember all the shit you talked about me, and other people on your blog, which you completely hid not long after? I heard about it, saw them, and said I’d never go on that blog again, because I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction. Never have since.
  15. You’re still doing fake accounts. Still stalking me and other folks. Let it go.
  16. You had your coworker try to get access to my social media accounts. She admitted it, and I have it in writing. What exactly do y’all do there besides worry about me?
  17. You tried accessing my kids’ via social media and facetime until you were blocked.

So here it is, in writing, as nicely as I can put it. I request that you leave me alone. Forget all about me. Forget I exist. Stay off my pinterest. Stay off my blog, my social media. Stop looking. Stop seeking.

Folks have asked me why you’re so deeply obsessed with me. I have no idea. I can only assume you either feel a need to control and feel entitled to know what I do, you think I’m going to write about all you’ve done to me, or perhaps you’re simply trying to determine if I am happier than you.

Let me end the mystery. I am happier than you.

I know this to be true because I’m busy living, loving, laughing, and trying to get through each day. I’m busy, my life is chaos, and some days are utter shit, but I have a focus and it’s not you. I write about my life as a hobby because it’s cathartic. I’m probably not published author material by any stretch, but I do in fact enjoy my little corner of the blogosphere. Even if you’re here lurking every moment of every day, I’ll sigh but I’ll keep doing what I enjoy. I have a happy marriage, with happy kids, and we’re good. I love my life. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, I don’t need to compare myself to other people, and I’m not worried about people like you who hate me because I’m busy loving people who love me. Life isn’t perfect for me, but I love it anyway and I’m making the very best of what I have. While calling me names you announced you weren’t going to worry about what I’m doing, because you’re living life to the fullest. Yet here you are, staring at my blog, yet again, just feeling angry and bitter, 280+ times in 3 months. That is NOT living life to the fullest. Not even close. Go enjoy your kids and husband and all life has to offer. I have nothing to offer you. You hate me, you’ve destroyed all these relationships because of your hate of me. That’s really sad. Ignoring you doesn’t work, asking you to stop hasn’t worked, and to be fair I should have handled this years ago much more firmly and publicly than I did but instead I tried to just get you to leave me alone and hoped you’d just tire of it. I thought you’d muster enough pride and self respect eventually, but it’s not happening.

My little family is not your business. You have broken your bonds with each of us and the damage is done. You’ve continuously lied to me, and to other people about me. The lies never stop. I just want this done and to be left alone. Don’t respond, I won’t read it. Don’t text, email, call, visit, read my blog anymore or comment. Just leave me alone. I honestly didn’t want to have to put this here but the obsession and behavior has to stop. I don’t hate you, I don’t anything with you. There’s nothing there.

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