And we’re off! Well, almost.

So here I sit, in first class on the plane. We pull off, and I begin to brace myself for takeoff. I’m a nervous flyer. It doesn’t help that I’m kind of superstitious and it’s been one of those days. Just as I think we are ready to take off, we get pulled back to the gate to remove a passenger. I’m not sure why.

I woke up today, went down to get coffee, and my dog started barfing up all the water he guzzled. I went to clean it up, accidentally stepped in it barefoot and wanted to set my foot on fire.

After cleaning up, I went to check my flight status. Somehow my coffee cup toppled, full, right onto my keyboard. When I picked up my laptop, coffee poured out of my USB ports. I had to make an uncomfortable call to my boss. I then went to go to get my nails done and there was a weird issue with the color of the polish, meaning my toes and fingers aren’t the same.

I’m a little superstitious so of course this all made me nervous. We barely made it to the airport on time, but thankfully we did and we are now safely ensconced in these amazing bed seats. The food looks great and they have ICE CREAM!!! It’s the little things.

I am already missing my husband and kids. That being said I am so looking forward to a girls’s trip with my best friend. This is absolutely what I needed.

See ya from Vegas!

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