Relaxed and Refreshed

I had some personal things to take care of today, so I took a much needed day off of work. After handling some business that needed to be addressed, I had the rest of the morning free. A friend messaged me to see if I wanted to go for coffee, so I headed out for some girl time and much needed conversation. Sometimes, impromptu plans are the best!

This is a newer friend, and it was really great to sit down and chat while sipping coffee, enjoying the day. We did lots of talking and it reminded me how much I missed coffee dates with friends. Years ago, during my stint between jobs, I’d often meet friends mid day for coffee and catch up. I didn’t realize how much I’d taken such a simple luxury for granted, but honestly, I’d missed it. What made it even more fun is that my husband stopped in, purely by coincidence. I bought him a coffee and he headed out to run some errands. After coffee, we headed for a much needed nail appointment. I have gel nails and they were incredibly grown out. I was beyond excited to get them all fixed up. I left there feeling like a million bucks.

It’s amazing how a little thing like some coffee with a friend, or getting your nails done can just revitalize you. I swear I feel like I could take on the world after just a few hours of relaxation, good conversation, and pampering. As parents, we try to give our kids and spouses 100% of ourselves all the time, but it’s true, sometimes we have to take care of ourselves to best take care of the ones we love.

Tonight, I’m looking forward to a BBQ with some family and lots of laughs, and then home to spend some quality time with the husband. All in all, a perfect kind of day.

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