A Little Quiet Before the Storm

Every now and again, it’s important to breath, clear one’s head, and take a moment to just….BE.

In the midst of the chaos, the time to just be, work through your troubles, and come out the other side is incredibly important. While I haven’t ever been one to officially meditate, I have to say that now and again, I need to empty my racing brain and reset, recharge and relax.

While I have the vacations coming up, I long for a few moments to recharge. It always makes me come back feeling invincible. Some of my favorite recharge places:

The beach. Breeze blowing, sun shining, and waves crashing methodically into the land is one of the most calming places for me to be. Nothing like the beach to bring everything back into focus.

In nature. Again, we all spend so much time indoors, that the break to nature is one that jars us back into peace.

The car. The car is where I do much of my thinking. People laugh because I either have music blaring or drive in utter silence. The silence times are when I am mulling something over, and preparing myself for next steps.

With the nearly constant rain the past few weeks, I guess the car it will be today. Lots to mull over, plans to make. As soon as I can get myself out in nature though, I will.

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