Time to stop it.

Most of you have heard snippets about my family member who spent over 4 years stalking me. I keep saying I’ll put it all down in writing but I have sort of held off because the whole things is just so goddamned ridiculous. She even had her boss try to get access to my accounts! Fortunately I figured the connection out and once the boss heard the other side of things she backed out of that hot mess swiftly. Here’s the thing though. I know I’m not the only person who is being stalked. She still uses her fake accounts and still stalks a few people and their families. I haven’t told the folks yet, but I think it’s time. The behavior is creepy and unnatural. If the behavior continues over the next few days, I will contact the victims etc. That way they can make an educated decision on whether they want this creeper in their lives or not.

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