Social Media and the Surge of Douchebaggery

Social media is exhausting, isn’t it? Were people always douchebags or does  the douchebaggery intensify when social media gets involved?  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m often seen perusing Facebook, occasionally on instagram, sometimes on Twitter, and Pinterest.  Social media is an easy way for me to stay in touch with family overseas and across the US.  It certainly has its merits, but it also comes with some angst and annoyance. 

First stop on the social media annoyance train?  Those stupid “this one random person is offended by XYZ, so now everyone should get up in arms about it and complain” posts that are common.  “Some random person in the middle of nowhere says Santa should be gender neutral” is put on Facebook and MILLIONS of people take to Facebook in anger about how “nobody should be messing with MY Santa!” or the ironic “People are so sensitive these days!  Why don’t they worry about themselves?!”  Look folks.  If you haven’t figured out by now that certain groups put stupid stuff on social media to distract you from the important stuff going on in the world, then I don’t know what to tell you.  People get offended ALL the time, about all sorts of ridiculous stuff. You only have a choice on how to deal with it.  Either mind your business and do what you’re going to do, or consider their point/feelings and then make a change or continue as you were.  Not everything needs to be an argument or needs your opinion of how sensitive everybody is.  Know why? Because you’re being equally as sensitive.  

2nd stop: having to suss out fake accounts.  I’ve made no secret of the fact I have a person IRL who stalks me online.  Heavily. They’ve been doing it for years, have had their coworkers joining in, and admit they make multiple fake accounts to do so.  They hate everything I say but created fake accounts to get notifications of when I post on here.  Go figure.  So occasionally, I have to spot check followers, likers, and social media hits because you never know when crazy gets riled up.  Also, people outside of that scenario use social media for sketchy purposes. I happen to generally be pretty aces as sussing out fake accounts, and block them  I have no time for nonsense.  If you followed me on here and I took you off incorrectly, let me know so I can add you back on. Mistakes happen. My apologies. 

3rd stop: TMI:  Look, if you have a TMI story but it’s hilarious and self deprecating, I’m all for it.  If it’s funny, I’m in it to win it with you.  That being said, some folks put ALLLLLLLL their business on there.  Hey, I am pretty open book on here, but it’s my blog.  I blog about the good, the bad, and the ridiculous.  I love a good self deprecating story, as long as it’s got some humor about it.  

Part two of the TMI? Don’t bash your spouse or partner on social media.  Why?  First off, the internet is forever.  Secondly, and this happens all the time, people bash the shit out of their spouse on Facebook.  All their friends and family take their side, which is nice for a while, until the couple makes up.  Now that person’s friends and family don’t like the spouse or partner any more.  Everyone has beef with the spouse or partner now, except for the original poster, who now gets angry everyone else is pissed at their significant other.  Plus, once you post public cracks in your relationship, don’t be surprised when shady folks come lurkin’ around.  My husband and I have driven each other to anger before, but we respect each other enough not to bash the other person on social media.  If you’re bashing each other online,  chances are you won’t last long together, because you don’t have that respect for each other.

Next stop? Attention whoring.  Facebook posts where you announce you’re leaving, only to return with 48 hours later.  Look, nobody cares. Go. When you’re done with whatever required you to do a whole deactivation, and big announcement of your departure, then go right back and go fuck yourself because nobody cares.  It’s exhausting. Posting vague comments and when people ask you if you’re ok (even though they likely think you’re being an attention whore and exhausting) you say “yeah, I’m fine” or “DM me”.  Why bother posting it then to the general public just to say to take it private?  I get that Facebook, Twitter and the like are a narcissist’s dream, but once you achieve complete attention whore status, it needs to just end. 

Finally, my favorite: Endless political posts.  Look, we all have our beliefs. Even if your belief is that politics are the root of all evil and shouldn’t be followed, it’s a belief.  The fact is, however, that people won’t change their beliefs because you post some meme about something.  They will either nod because they agree (regardless of whether you post is true…another pet peeve of mine is sheeple who spread misinformation without taking 2 seconds to research anything) or roll their eyes and keep scrolling.  Nobody is changing their minds off your meme’s. 

Speaking of sheeple…folks, not everything on social media is true.  Take the time to research, and not from any leaning websites.  Get some objective information and learn.  Just because it follows your thought process does not make it true.  Smart is sexy.  Research is cool.  It’s no secret Facebook has been used to sway thought processes by the posts selected and placed for you to see.  Be mindful of that.  

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