Summer Wind Down

Well, summer is finally finding down.  I can’t say that I’m sad about it, per say.  The Northeast has been unbearably hot and muggy this year.  The humidity is the worst. It’s also been tough because we have been saving for our trip, so we haven’t taken many vacations this summer.  As summer winds down, we have an upcoming trip to look forward to, and then we’ll dive into a new school year.

Personally, I am a creature of habit.  I like to know what’s coming down the pike and to have a plan.  I’m not super structured, I’m not very organized in my out of work life, but I get it done.  The school year is easier to manage than summer often is.  This year we as a family have toned down the obligations.  We’re not a Pop Warner football family this year.  That has freed up a TON of time this fall.  Also, my stint on the PTA was short lived.  I enjoyed the position initially, but I quickly saw it seemed to be type A people being in charge of something.  My phone was beeping with messages from 7 am to 11PM, even on holidays.  No.  Just…No.  I found it overwhelming and could tell immediately there was no way I’d want that kind of situation for the next two years.  I took a hard look at what I have to do, what help I have to do it, and I made cutbacks accordingly.  Within moments, I felt a huge surge of relief.  Women often think the more they overload themselves the better of a mom they will be.  That’s the great lie. I’m at my best when I am not trying to do too much.

Currently, I am learning the life of a middle school parent, and am excited to see my son start a new adventure.  I am watching my daughter start at a new school too.  New beginnings.  I’m trying to hammer through some obligations I made earlier this year.  I feel pretty peaceful.  There will always be plenty to do, but I’m making a concerted effort to not take on extra.  I’m happier for it.

You know, I started this post a couple of weeks ago.  Camp had ended, the kids were home bored, and I think everyone is eager to get back to a routine.  That being said, I think I am far more nervous about the beginning of school tomorrow than the kids are.  There are book-bags to be packed, lunches to be made, and a new routines to follow.  There is the addition of taking a bus for one child, and navigating that system for the first time.  We have two new schools.  The oldest goes to middle school and the youngest moves to the school next door.  Our BOE redistricted the schools this year, demagnetizing a school, and, effectively, segregated children racially and socio-economically.  Many families were ripped out of our school against their wishes, including many of my daughter’s closest friends. I am furious about going backwards rather than forwards.  Add to that other issues with the board, and I am left feeling very distrustful of them and their handling of my childrens’ education.  That being said, the kids take their leads from me, and I need to snap into school year mom mode from summer mom mode and get everyone ready.  I should start by making sure everyone’s first day outfits are selected.  After all, that’s one of the things kids really concern themselves with, and I know I put great thought into it when I was a kid.

I am very happy to have released myself from some obligations, and aside from a few, can enter the fall feeling relatively happy and relaxed.  I’ve cleared the calendar save for a few fun things like trips or parties. I just need to get myself used to a strict schedule again.

The school has already called a half day for tomorrow, because of the heat.  Even my best intentions for a well scheduled, put together day have been toppled a bit.  Even still, I’m ready to let this summer go.



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