The Pinterest Moms, or, Why Can’t I Be You?

School is almost back in session.  On one hand, I am excited because that means that fall is almost upon us, and I LOVE fall.  I love all things fall, from snuggly clothes in earthy colors, to crisp air, crunchy leaves, and Halloween.  The smells, tastes and sights of fall bring me joy every year.  This year is bittersweet.  Tiny Diva starts Kindergarten.  I’m going cry.  I know I will.

Part of my tears of fear are because I gather she is nervous.  It’s new, and daunting, and I remember a bit of how I felt on my first day.  Plus, things don’t come quite as quickly to her as it does to her brother.  They just learn differently, that’s all.  Still, I gather that she worries a bit, and that makes me worry too.  I want her to love school (at least the first couple of years!) especially because she has struggled a bit with learning retention.  I want her to succeed, just like her brother.  I am also probably going to cry a few tears for my littlest one leaving the nest to go to school.  It signals a change in the stage of life.  No more “littles” in the house anymore.  I have “big kids”.  It’s a reminder of how fast time is zipping past.  I’m also a little nervous as to how I will live up to the new changes and responsibilities.

Until now, I have had one child to get out the door each day.  Even that has been a struggle.  My husband gets our daughter ready and out the door, and he says that’s a struggle.  Now I will have myself and 2 kids to get up, fed, cleaned, dressed, and out the door.  Did I mention I am not a morning person…at all?  Not even a teensy tiny bit?   Did I also mention I am not an organized person, and that I am constantly in a state of chaos?  No?  It’s a perfect storm to never been on time.  hell, I struggle to get MYSELF, alone out the door on time in the mornings.  Now I have to get 3 of us up and rolling.  This terrifies me.  I feel as though I will have to pull off the impossible.  I will have to become a Pinterest mom.

Most of my attempts at the picture perfect Pinterest life fails.  Some attempts never even become attempts because I am too intimidated.  Sometimes they never get started because I am missing one tiny piece or ingredient.  I look at Pinterest, and I am amazed at all the fabulous people pull off.  Perfect outfits!  (boo, I have a belly bulge). Perfectly clean houses! (have you read this blog before?  If not, go back my friends, waaaay back).  Perfect organization!  (doesn’t this require organizing accoutrements, making it less cost efficient?)  What I am trying to say is, there clearly ARE people who have it together, and they are living a Pinterestingly organized life.  I am just not one of them.  I saw a pin about getting small drawers to put 5 individual days of uniforms/school clothes in, so kids don’t have to dig for stuff, and it stays neat and easy. I like the concept (although I will need to buy 2, and every Sunday will likely be doing the outfits…which will last maybe 3 weeks tops before I forget and stop doing it.)  I am in my 40’s and thus far, have failed to live an organized, well oiled machine of a life.  I don’t even know where to begin!

How do I get everyone up, fed, cleaned, dressed, prepped, and out the door by 8:15 when I am not a morning person and struggle to wake up as it is? Sweet mother of pearl, I am in for a tough time.  Can I change my ways? Can I become a Pinterest mom full of tips and tricks, and organization?  Is it possible?  Watch this space to find out.

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