A Little Extra Tip

So, for some time now, I’ve had various people talk to me about Ebates.  I thought it was bullshit, and I never looked into it too much.  That being said, times are hard, and they will only get a bit harder with 2 kids who need clothing, food, gear, etc, and a paycheck that doesn’t seem to stretch as far as it once did.  I enjoy simple cash back programs like the Bank of America Cash back deals, and other rewards that give me back a bit of cash simply by buying what I would already be buying.  I finally signed up for Ebates and am glad I did.  Money back for shopping on sites I am already shopping on? Yes please!  Coupons that are easily found? Yes please!

I did some research and read up on it.  There is a great link here with some information, screen shots, and details on how it works: :http://imstuff.com/ebates-review/

If you’re interested, click here to sign up: Join Ebates!  Sign up, you get money, I get money, and you refer someone and get even more money!

So here is the deal…I just found an awesome coat for my daughter on what I thought was an obscure site.  Ebate’s has that site on their list!  Instant 5% back.  FREE MONEY BACK.  Another cool trick, is that not only do they have an app you can shop through, but if you use chrome, there is a button you can pop on your tool bar so you just click it while you’re browsing to see the deal.

Getting money for doing what you would already be doing?  Winning!


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