The Whisperer

It’s a been a busy few weeks in our house.  Spring rolled in, along with a case of the flu, soccer season, allergies, school events, family outings, and other stuff.  I have 10 million jobs to do around the house, and little of it is getting done because there always seems to be somewhere to be or something to do.  It sometimes feels like we were out of commission for 2 weeks with people being sick, and now it’s back to a hundred miles an hour.  It feels good to be up and “at em” again, I must say.

We had Mother’s Day weekend as well, which was wonderful.  We took the kids off for a day trip and had a very relaxing day, which I think we all needed.  Because the husband and I work opposite hours (I work the standard 9-5, while he works mid-day until about midnight, we only see each other about a day and a half a week.  It’s been beneficial daycare wise, as we haven’t had to pay for a full 40 hours of daycare, but it’s tough sometimes to not have the other person around when the day to day grind needs to get done.  Family time with us and the kids is super important to us because our time together is so minimal and precious, and the kids NEED time with us as a family unit.  We make it work.  It does require balance on our parts.  Where one leaves off, the other picks up.  One does planning, one does more execution.  When one of us needs help managing the kids, the other one steps in.  It’s a joint effort, and I think we’ve got things working pretty well.  That being said, we each have our skills.  He is AMAZING when it comes to having talks with our son.  He can impart knowledge and wisdom that is so impressive, I have actually sat in awe in the other room listening in.  On Mother’s day my husband called me the “(Tiny Diva) Whisperer”.  Our daughter, who is 4, is a force to be reckoned with.  She knows how to push buttons, especially my husband’s, and he said I have a way of stepping in when she is pushing his buttons or having a tantrum and smoothing the situation over until she is happy, laughing, and back to herself. I took this as such a compliment, because at the end of the day, all I want to do is be the best mom I can be.

The whisperer comment did get me thinking about the kids and how polar opposites they are.  My oldest is laid back, a little reserved, easy going, and very independent.  He’s not a kid who has ever been into public displays of affection, but sometimes he’ll cuddle up with me on the couch.  Things come easy to him, and he can look at something once and file it away to memory.  He’s precise, always has his shirts buttoned up, and  always told me he likes his hair “nice and neat and flat”.  He is happy to sit in the same spot for a while reading or playing video games. He can walk into any room and make friends. Tiny Diva, on the other hand, is little in stature, but she lives big.  She wants everything faster, bigger, louder.  Turn on some music and she will holler “turn it louder!” and begin to dance, flailing herself around with glee.  She likes motorcycles, roller coasters, and all things adrenaline raising.  Her laugh is a bellow that leaps from her very core. When she is sad, she is SAD, and when she is angry, she is ANGRY.   She is the poster child for “though she be but little, she is fierce”. Most of all, she loves big.  Nobody leaves the house or goes to bed without her running up for kisses and hugs.  When I leave in the morning, she opens the window a crack and shouts at the top of her lungs “I LOVE YOU MOMMY!”  She is the one person who my son will hug and kiss in public, because she will fling herself upon him adoringly.  She drives him mad, but secretly, he adores her.  He helps to try to teach her things, like her letters and numbers.  She doesn’t retain information the way he does, and seeing her struggle a bit with things has taught him to be a bit more compassionate, and he now understands not everyone grasps things the same way he does,

I sometimes wonder if her struggle to retain certain educational things comes from her eye issue (alternating amblyopia and hypertrophia), or if it’s just the way she is.  Not all kids learn the same, and I recognize that.  Sometimes i wonder if it’s simply because she is always on to the next thing.  Regardless, we have kindergarten in the fall (egads, my babies are growing up way too fast!) and I want to make sure she walks in confidently knowing the basics.  Then again, she will do what she can do, and that will be fine with me.  I will be there to help and support her whenever I can.

I admire both of the kids.  Each has such amazing qualities and a strong sense of empathy and kindness.  They are tough, strong minded, and don’t care too much what other’s think.  They stand up for what the believe, even at a young age.  They teach me things daily, such as patience, and to stop to enjoy the moment.  Each is so vastly different, yet they are such a compliment to each other.  I consider myself blessed to be their mother, and I don’t want to miss a moment of it.

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