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RHOBH. How awkward!

Am I the only one who found some of the RHOBH reunion completely awkward and uncomfortable thanks to Kim and Brandi? I will fully admit, some of my show watching this season took a hit, which sucks, because I was excited to see Eileen and Lisa were coming on the show.  I was a huge Days of Our Lives fan when I was younger (we didn’t have the plethora of viewing choices back in the late 80’s that we enjoy today).

Within no time though, I got frustrated yet again at the Brandi/Eddie deal.  I get that she was hurt he cheated.  I get that it was shitty of him to do.  It’s always interesting to me that women seem to always blame the other woman moreso than the man who cheated sometimes.  It’s as if it’s ok to say the other woman is the POS, but if we admit the man is too, it’s like we admit we chose a loser.  The online hatred of Leeann Rimes and Eddie is vicious.  I am left thinking, absolutely, what was done was shitty, but come on already, let’s all move on.  Brandi has squeezed every last drop out of this cheating scandal, and is always quick to call people homewreckers and point her booze smelling fingers at people.  Make like Elsa and let it go.  How will she ever find happiness if she insists on harboring such bitterness?

Kim comes across as either an awful person, or still possibly using.  I’m not sure which is worse.   I watched last night how she seems confused by what she has said, and the whole thing with Harry, Lisa’s husband just downright pissed me off.  Kim plants a huge seed of implication in a public forum, and then says she won’t “go there” by saying what she meant.  Even when Lisa called her out and begged her to say what she meant, Kim refused.  Nothing like throwing the stone and hiding your hand, Kim.  That’s cowardly at best and just a douchebag move at worst.

I felt bad for Eileen having to sit on the couch next to those two.  Kim and Brandi have shown me some really bad sides the past few years.  I used to be a Brandi supporter and thought she was very honest and down to earth.  Now I feel she’s tactless, rude, and straining for constant attention.  She is exhausting.  Who throws wine on people and slaps them and then mutters “sorry” with a “That’s how I am” shrug and expects things to be just ducky?

At least their is Lisa V.  I almost died when she said she was like the queen in regards to pooping.  Thank God there is someone to add some humor without needing to have her tits out.


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