StrangerDanger!!!! What Parents Need to Know

Hi Loveys,

What a whirlwind week it has been.  Some folks asked me to share my latest foray into drama, as it’s something parents need to be mindful of.  I admit that prior to yesterday I NEVER would have thought I’d need to background check people who provide services for kids, but apparently, it’s important.  Yesterday I found out a convicted child molester was advertising to work an an entertainer at children’s parties.  Scary stuff!!  I Angela Lansbury’d it like a champ.  

It all started with Facebook.  A friend posted a picture of a convicted child rapist who was able to cut off his ankle bracelet. Someone posted the pic in hopes that with people all over the country looking for the guy, he would be sought and captured quickly.  I clicked on the picture to look closer, and scanned the comments.  I saw irate people yelling at someone (I will not list his name here as I have already forwarded the info to the authorities for their review of the situation, and there could be legal ramifications for myself for posting his info.)  I will call him D.  D had posted a comment that he didn’t understand the hatred for the child rapist just because he enjoys kids  This struck me as odd….EXCEPTIONALLY ODD. I looked at this guy’s fb page and saw what state he was from.  I then looked at the sex offender registry for that state.  Low and behold, there is a person on that site who has pictures that resemble D, and that person is a convicted child molester!  (The reason I am hesitant to post too many details is because I found the info on the registry, I had to agree to terms which could be violated if I post all his information on here.  This is why I instead alerted the local authorities, and I will get to why I did in a moment).. It appears D is using his middle initial for his FB persona.  His FB page also indicates that he committed crimes starting at age 9, and has been institutionalized multiple times.  This was right there for the world to see.  I Googled His FB name.  There it was……..he was a self employed performer who advertised his services and events, including CHILDREN’S BIRTHDAY PARTIES!  WTF!  I looked deeper and cross referenced his registered offender address with a reverse address site to find the name on the house, and it belongs to someone on D’s facebook page.  It’s the same person.  No doubt about it.  The pictures show the same guy, the address on the registry belongs to someone on his FB page, and the guy doesn’t understand why someone would have anger towards someone who would do such horrible, disgusting things to children.  AND he works at children’s parties.  Now, I’m not sure what the law is about pedophiles working in a capacity that surrounds them with children, but if there isn’t one, there SURE AS HELL SHOULD BE.  I sent the info I had to the police in that jurisdiction for their review.  They have forwarded to the center for Missing and Exploited Children to do follow up on.

The moral of the story here is:

Simple research.  The interwebs is handy for more than crazy cat videos.  If you hire someone to work at your child’s party, it takes two seconds to look them up.  Also, each state has a sex offender registry.  Look them up for your area.  It makes sense to know who lives in your neighborhood, and who interacts with your family.  Hell, if you go on a date, check the registry to make sure you’re not going to dinner and a long dark walk home with Captain Rapeypants or his sidekick, Peeping Tom.  

Look, I don’t know if what this guy is doing NOW is illegal.  What I do know, is that I never, before today, would have thought to do research on something like this, because I tend to initially be trusting.  The fact is, however, that there are tools at your disposal to do some quick searches, and this goes to show they are worth using!

If you need help learning this stuff, let me know.  I’ll help where I can.

Messy xx




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