These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Hey everyone! It’s a been a while. I’ll explain more on that later, but for now, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things/products that I am loving right now.

For starters, I am still hooked on Method products concentrated cleaners. While clutter tends to be my main issue (too much stuff, not enough room to store it all in!) I love the Clementine floor and surface cleaner, as well as the French Lavender. I bought them at TjMaxx or Marshall’s for a few bucks and they have lasted ages. They are naturally derived, non toxic, and great at cutting grease. They also smell DIVINE. Put a little in a spray bottle, dilute with water, and it’s happy cleaning time. Anything that makes housework remotely enjoyable for me is worth a shoutout.

Next up, Marrakesh Hair oil in dreamsicle. It shines, conditions, and makes hair look immediately healthy, without that greasy look. One squirt is all you need and it smells like heaven. This has totally helped defrizz and gloss my hair, and I am addicted.

Third, my Fitbit Flex. I got this to get a better feel for how active I really am….which is sadly, not at all. This little bracelet tracks your steps, encourages you, has a silent alarm to wake you up in the morning, and also tracks your sleep patterns. It’s also wearable in the shower. I’m now acutely aware of how little exercise I was getting and am now spurred on to walk more and reach goals. I lost a few pounds the first 2 weeks, and am still going. The whole thing synchs on the fly with your phone or computer, giving you a full picture of your calories, exercise, and water intake. I lie gadgets so I’m still entertained by all of the info this little bracelet gives me. It even sends me emails when I reach a milestone. Check them out!

Lastly, and while you may think this is a goof, I love the next product. The last one is PooPourri. When I first saw the Poo Pourri ad I thought it was a joke. It’s honestly, genius. I suffer from poo shame. I admit it. I bought a bottle just because the commercial made me laugh so hard. My husband made fun of me, saying they practically used me as a target audience for it, but even he was floored at how well it works. It literally stops any poop odor in the bathroom, and frankly, may leave it smelling better than before you went in. If you’ve seen the ad and not tried it because you thought it was a joke, I can tell you, the product works. Seriously? If this was around when I was in college and sharing bathrooms, it would have saved me a lot of miles in driving home to go (the poop shame ran deep. It’s a story for another time).

So there you have it…..a small list of my favorites right now. More of my messy life to come.

Messy xx

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