Know your audience

Well hello there! Sorry it’s been a while. There’s been a lot going on. I see the blog has been getting a lot of views even though I haven’t been posting. I felt like an Internet sensation for a few days there. I guess there are a few folks who have an interest in my ramblings, so here you have it, a new post.

The big topic I’m seeing thrown around on twitter this week is Brandi Glanville’s podcast interview with Jim Florentine. Jim’s a comedian with a fairly racy routine. Glanville is a real housewife who is trying very hard to be the next great interviewer. BG launched into a play off JM’s routine, saying she wasn’t hot enough to get molested when she was younger. Sigh.

Look, I’m no prude, and I’m pretty open when it comes to humor. I think you can find humor in almost any situation if you try. But molestation isn’t all that funny. At all. The humor level of the situation isn’t even the point of why I am writing this. The fact is, BG has forgotten her who her audience is, who her fans were/are. And perhaps, the fans share a teensy bit if the blame here.

Brandi came on the scene and made sure we all knew her husband cheated on her with LR. And women empathized and had compassion because of it. Many women have been cheated on at some point in their lives (myself included). We empathized with her plight. We encouraged her to tell her story, and to be honest. Everyone was telling her to be herself, be honest! Yet what happened that now she’s become a little too honest?

Now Brandi is spewing every thought that floats through her earlobes. Some of it, is awkward, much of it is becoming progressively more offensive. It’s as if she thinks the fans wanted honesty, she’s going to put all the honesty out there she can, regardless of consequence. She makes comments that are at the very least stereotypical, though some find them racist. Now she’s dropping molestation jokes. She believes her own hype. She’s also forgotten who her fan base is…,mothers, daughters, sisters….some of whom have lived with being molested or abused. The Internet has gone crazy about this. Folks go we’re once fans are running in droves, while some are steadfastly holding on and defending her. She apologized. I saw one person tell her not too….and make a comparison between her and Howard Stern. Brandi is no Howard…not even close. He knows his audience for what he is doing. The radio show can be raunchy and rude and inappropriate. The TV show? Clean cut and all American. He knows his fans. Brandi has forgotten who made her famous.

My prediction? If she keeps on this downward spiral, her PR team is gonna push her into rehab. Why? Because they have to try to make sense of the madness and poor decisions. Plus, America loves someone who can be vulnerable and apologize, someone who chooses to better themselves. For now, let’s hope she gets her head on straight. Isn’t there always hope for people?

That’s it for now. I’ll try to be better about posting.

Messy xx

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