Fundy Huggies….the danger amongst us

Well hello, Loveys!

First, let me thank all of you who read, critiqued, and shared my blog. I love writing, but it’s of course more fun when there is an audience who reads and responds back! I am so grateful that you all promoted my blog and shared it with your friends! Even the people who HATED it (they didn’t actually READ it, they claim, but they HATED it) still threw me a big shout out to their buds on Twitter. Isn’t that great? So it is to the haters that I send out this blog, so please feel the love, love, love.

Look, I don’t subscribe to team anyone when it comes to housewives. I don’t love, adore, or worship any of them. I don’t hate any of them. I watch them on TV, I don’t know them. I don’t hate Teresa. I find her….fake. Kind of like I feel Vicki makes everything all about her. (perhaps I have issues with screechy people?). But at the end of the day, the drama with Teresa and her legal troubles is no joke. It’s got the Feds involved, it’s public record. I could go ahead an be a sheeple, and believe the tabloids, or I could do who an intelligent person does, and research it. Why do I find that particular situation so fascinating? Because I worked in the mortgage industry. I know the documentation, and I know what to look for, add to that an eye for signature forging, and I’m hooked. I presented the facts, with some opinions, because it’s my blog and I have them. You know what happened? People FREAKED OUT.

I learned something. There are folks out there who see people on TV and think they KNOW them. They will blindly adore them without question. They will kiss that celebrity’s ass for a small hope the celebrity will throw them a crumb of a retweet. They are creepy. Teresa has a whole following of these people. They shun any proof that she might just be guilty. They scream she is a great mom (honestly, how would they know? Are they at her house right now?). They scream her husband is awesome (do NOT bring up that little c word incident…that makes their eyes roll into their heads).

If you are a blind adorer….I will scoff. I will.

Why? Because nobody should be a blind follower to anything. Why? Because an education is a good thing. Truth is good. Facts are good. They may be unpleasant, but they are good.

The fact is, the show is a hair away from scripted. We suspend our beliefs that it is all real as it is shown for entertainment. This isn’t reality, people. It’s set up, planned situations. Do you think these people walk around all day and night mic’d? That scene when Jac and T had that big convo about the tabloids on the deck and Caro conveniently walked up fully mic’d and prepared with a drink like she was planning a sit down…you don’t think that wasn’t set up? We act like the camera crew isn’t there. They know they are being filmed. They know what days they are filming and with who. These aren’t chance meetings they have. Nobody sees that even though everything seems fine at the end of the season, and then T the reunion there’s big drama again? Ok, sure, they’ve seen some of the crap the others have said about them, but did anyone think that maybe it’s to cause enough drama to be asked back the next year? To keep fans involved so you’ll by their products the hock? I mean, could Teresa make every blog slightly less of an infomercial? She’s turning into QVFingC with her crap.

So, the Fundamentalist Huggers got PISSED that I dared write some facts about the legal issues and mortgage stuff. Blind adoration. My personal favorite was the one who claimed she found grammatical errors in what I wrote, then claimed she never read my blog, never would, and THEN proceeded to spell “write” as “wright”. Nice job. To the other woman, who practically licks her computer screen every time Teresa tweets, thanks for calling me a bitch. I’ll try not to take that too personally from a woman who has a wall of bangs bigger than the great wall of China, and who takes her fashion queues from a woman whose rise to stardom was flashing her snooch on film. I’ll debate you ladies all day.

One last note. Since we’re talking about the Housewives, I do have one apology I need to make. I do really take umbrage with one housewife. Jill Zarin, you are one crazy see you next Tuesday. I saw what you did to TEB, and I think it makes you look like a complete psychopath. You’re a public figure who CHOSE to be one, and now you’re stalking and threatening people on Twitter. Pretty big balls for someone who lives in the public eye, don’t you think? That glass house you live in better not have any skeletons in the closet Jill. If you weren’t such an irrelevant has been whose 15 minutes were up long ago, people might start peeking in those closets like you like to do to others.

Ok, that’s my rant for tonight.

Thank goodness the reunion is tomorrow and I can get those season out of my system and go. Ack to some other material.

Are any of you Orange is the New Black fans? Downton?


5 thoughts on “Fundy Huggies….the danger amongst us

  1. chrissy

    I think your articles are spit on! I appreciate your research, thoughts and background on the situation T is going through. RHONJ is scripted people! They do scene retakes and the producers tell them what to say and how to say it. It is what it is…..I enjoy your blog..I do always read it but this is the first time i am posting! 🙂

  2. Lori2877

    I love your blog & you are right. This is also my first time responding. Can’t tell you how many fights I’ve seen on twitter over Housewives & it’s crazy! Some seem nice & will converse with you & some are just plain full of themselves! They don’t pay my bills or put food on my table. I watch the shows for entertainment only!
    Yes, I am a fan of Orange is the new Black. So far it’s pretty good.

  3. Sue

    Another spot on blog. I’ve always said I’m not team anyone. I don’t hate or love any of hws. I don’t personally know any of the hws. But as far as some Teresa fans go, if you’re not for her you’re against her and they shut of their brains and go into attack mode. They’d rather hide their heads in the sand instead of educate themselves with facts.
    Another thing I’ve always said is I view the real housewives show as my guilty pleasure. Once it stopped being a pleasure for me, I’d stop watching. That time is fast approaching.

  4. My sister watches this show and I’ve tried to sit through it but I just can’t. It just seems to bore me that it is even a show. It just baffles me that there is this much effort to the point of writing so strongly about a “reality” show. OK you enjoy a show, but trying to prove points and grab at facts about a show that is mindless entertainment for the public, and holds no real value on Earth, shows me there is perhaps something lacking in your day to day life. Why invest this much of yourself into a TV show? Maybe put that effort towards yourself, or if you have a family or children? I am a fan of TV shows, so don’t take me the wrong way,but never have I gone so far as to make it my personal business to try and figure them out in such a way, and research what is said or done on said shows. I don’t believe they are meant for that. I watch them for fun. Maybe relax and just enjoy the stupidity. Let me ask though, when you do find out so called facts and information about these shows, and tweet or post about them and others get mad or upset. What does that do for you? Is that some sort of accomplishment? I do not see the point of it all I suppose. To me, life is too short for wasting so much time trying to prove others wrong. There are so many more things out there with value that deserve our time and effort. Try and enjoy them, once you do, you’ll see life in a whole new perspective.

    1. Hi Madeline, thanks for your comment. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you but it has been quite a busy week. I must admit that I am left somewhat perplexed that you, who admits that you neither watch nor enjoy the shows I often blog about, would take so much time to read through everything and also to comment. Aren’t there blogs geared more towards subjects that interest you? Yet you chose to go to such trouble to not only find my blog, but to read AND comment about how much attention my personal life must be lacking.
      Fear not, Madeline! My children are adored and cared for, as is my husband. They love me too. I’m very lucky. I have a large family, life long friends, and pets. I have a happy life. My interest in tv shows? My blog? Those are a hobby that I do in my downtime. Clearly you have likely read my blog and know I’m not all that frequent of a poster. I wrote about the legal story that has been quite popular between fans of these shows, and I wrote about it because I know the industry. I wrote about something I have an interest in. Your comment, however, was somewhat chastising in nature, a bit accusatory, and all over something that you say doesn’t interest you at all.
      I might conclude, based on the fact you used what was going to be my daughter’s name, the fact I traced your ip to the next town over and to AT&T (I’ve heard from my husband they are quite good for Internet, I applaud your choice) and the fact you commented right during the week my blog views exploded (I am suddenly SO interesting), that perhaps you have interest for other reasons.
      I feel that perhaps your comments to me might even serve you well if pointed inward. Perhaps you also should focus inward instead of trying to cause distress for others. I wish you well, and thanks for your interest!

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