Huggers, answer me this. (Messy the juror)

Hi Loveys!
I’ve been so busy “twittering” or “on the twitter” this week. I know at first glance you might think, by looking at my tweets that I am totally “team not Teresa”. The fact is, I’m not team anyone. I don’t know these people personally. I’m sure they do nice things and not so nice things, just like the rest of us. The fact is, I love a debate. I love facts. Debating with facts, or t least an educated opinion, is interesting to me. Apparently, one of my followers really got her bloomers in a bunch about it, because she didn’t like facts. No, she didn’t like them at all. Shame really, because I liked her well enough, even though we don’t always agree. But if you’re going to voice an opinion and broadcast it across the world on social media, you have to recognize that people MIGHT disagree, and voce said disagreement. And that they might have FACTS or have done research to back it up. Crying and blocking makes you look….sad, and unable to back up your belief with facts. So, with no further ado, let’s discuss, shall we? If you were a juror on the upcoming Guidice trial, what would you think? I think the defense has it’s work cut out for them. This isn’t a bashing blog.

I talked to a few TreHuggers this week. This is what they communicated to me:

Teresa and Juicy are not guilty because:

EVERYONE lied about their income during that time.
Response: fraud is fraud. I don’t believe you get special treatment because “other people are doing it too!” They signed the 1003, which is a legal doc stating their true and accurate income, properties owned, and occupancy of said properties. They lied, they reviewed, they signed. Saying that other people told them to so it’s ok is like saying “well, he told me to rob someone, and other people have robbed people, so that makes me robbing someone ok, right?” No. No it doesn’t. Accountability and responsibility for your own actions is a valuable trait. You are only as good as your word. If you want to take the time to see the fraudulent signatures, you can peruse all the Morris county land record docs for the Guidices.

“It’s the brokers’/banks’/atty’s fault”
RESPONSE: I am the first one to say tht brokers et al were shady mofos. I was a loan underwriter and I consistently caught brokers/borrowers lying (and I denied the loans, TYVM). But the borrowers got the docs sent to their homes. They had to complete, read and sign them. They were responsible for that.
For those of you go think that the forms don’t ask clearly and specifically for income from the borrower (and have them sign that if they lie about it it’s a federal offense) go see this:
loan application

“They didn’t know it was wrong!”
They didn’t? Because it flat out says right where they signed that if they lied, they are knowingly committing a federal crime. See the 3rd page of the doc I just linked to.

“Tre didn’t know!”
RESPONSE: my gut feeling? Honestly? Is that there is a lot Teresa didn’t know about what her husband was doing. I researched the loan/mortgage/deeds on the properties. It’s public record. T’s name is forged on several documents. It took about 2 minute to see that without a doubt, it was forged. Why did I research it? Because I don’t blindly follow what’s in the media, and frankly, this case interested me. Do I think T is fully innocent? Nope. I think she has bullshitted her fair share. The one thing Teresa doesn’t get is that she is a PR nightmare when it comes to this case, and her emergency team is too late.

“They did it for the dream!”
No, this happened due to entitlement. Joe and Teresa feel a sense of entitlement that is borderline frightening. This is where they will run into an issue, in my opinion. Why? Because it’s too easy to point out the history of this. Let’s start with the accusation of the mortgage issues. It would appear that income was inflated, names were forged, and fraudulent information was given. Why? To be mean? Of course not! It was a means to an end…a sense of “I want it, I shall have it, regardless of whether I have my word/put me name on it.” Aka: entitlement. That’s one thing. But then you have the drivers license issue. Joe lost his license. He wanted one, so he just used his brother’s identity to get one. Entitlement. I want, so I shall have. There is the incident where Joe forged his business partner’s name to get what he wanted. Then there is the incident on LBI over a $5 beach pass. LBI Beach incident I have friends that live on LBI. They live there year round and have to buy a beach pass. The Guidice family verbally assaulting a teenager doing her job of checking for said beach passes=sense of entitlement. (And a complete lack of awareness of one’s public image). If I am a juror, and they are trotting this stuff out, it’s not gonna look good. Not at all. Joe seems to feel entitled and has made it clear he will break the law to get what he wants. He has also made it clear he will use other people’s identity to get he wants!

My opinion? The Guidice’s are going to struggle here. On WWHL, Joe alluded to the stuff he “hasn’t been caught for yet” or something to that effect. That, the LBI incident…they are a PR nightmare. I suspect they will send Joe down the river and try to save Teresa. They are playing her sometimes as “too dumb to be convicted” and others as “a smart woman in charge of an empire”. Unfortunately being ignorant doesn’t always mean you’re innocent.

No matter what happens, the losers here are the kids. Hopefully, they will be ok.

3 thoughts on “Huggers, answer me this. (Messy the juror)

  1. Anne

    I am in support of Teresa as far as the confines of the RHONJ show. I believe that she has gotten a raw deal from the cast and producers. That being said, the 39 count indictment is a different story. I agree with everything you have discussed in your blog. I, too, did my own research. This is not a “one time” mistake we’re talking about. The first time they fraudulently obtained a mortgage…nobody was the wiser. So they tried it again and again and again. That is greed!!!!! That’s how greed works. While I will agree, the children will be hurt the most in all of this, the Giudices should have considered their future family when fraudulently signing those documents. They didn’t!! That’s how greed works. Teresa saying “why is this happening to us?”….meaning “why did WE get caught?” After all, people do this all the time!!! That’s how greed works. I do agree that in the Giudice’s case….entitlement and greed are bed fellows. Are the Giudice’s sorry about any part of this?? Yes!! They’re sorry that they got caught!!

  2. Audrero

    It’s great that you love facts or an educated opinion. Great. But, no matter if you have a background in the mortgage field, looked over their documents that are public record, you still don’t have all the FACTS. Evidence has to be presented on both sides. You won’t be on jury, right? I can see, with all due respect, where some people may feel that you are cuckoo. I don’t blindly believe media either but I am not immersed that deeply into Teresa/Joe matter to go reviewing documents & if I did, sorry, my work experience wouldn’t allow me to understand fully what I was reading. How’s that for being real? I don’t know if you’re a mean spirit. It comes across that way. Engaging with people who choose to back Teresa no matter what is a waste of time. Hell, some people love Rush Limbaugh. In ending, consider that you may have a flaw not understanding how people don’t get something that you do. Meanwhile, I’ll be sitting back to see how trial goes. I appreciate the insight you provided in your blog on how mortgage industry works, truly. Thank you.

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