What’s up!

Well hello Loveys!
It’s been too long! I am so sorry I have been MIA these days. For the most part, because of my husband’s schedule, I operate kind of like a single mom but with help. I don’t know how you single parents do it, I swear! Between work, kid stuff and my failure to thrive as a housewife, I am constantly in a state of chaos. Here’s some of what’s happening with me and as usual, my tv recap.
This week I pulled my son out of school and took him to the amusement park for the day. I did this for a few reasons. First, he has had excellent behavior reports every week of the school year, as well as a good report card. Second, I promised him a day with me some time ago and never got to pull it together until now (so I gotta go big!). And third, it’s nice to get “awesome mom” points sometimes! (Total random side note…I am on the train to NYC and it smells like Cornish Pasties. British or Irish followers might understand that). Anywho, the day was awesome, until I cracked my toe into something and hit my knee going down a water slide at top speed. I came home limping but the boy had a smile on his face that made it all worthwhile. I am famous for weird injuries and it’s no wonder my mom called me Calamity Jane when I was a kid.
Today I am headed to the city to a book signing. The fact it happens to be in a bar is a total score. Oh wait, conductor just said our train is stuck on the tracks!! Well, isn’t that ducky!!! Ok, so my day may be spent trackside today instead. Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me. On the way to drop my kids off this morning, there was an Audi pulled over on the entrance ramp to the highway. The door flew open and a guy fell half out, hitting his head on the cement. Suddenly he popped back in the car and when I drove up and asked him if he was ok (probably had my “bitchy rest face” on) he looked at me and said “yes!” Like nothing ever happened. Smiled at me, too. How do you fall half out of your car and hit your head on the ground, only to play it off like nothing ever happened? Dude, you have a pebble on your forehead. I then dropped my kids off. Keep in mind that with them both having car seats/booster, and me behind just over 5’2, I could not see what was between the seats. When I moved the seats from my car to my friend’s, I became acutely aware that my darling children had begun and empty juice box hoard between their seats. One of them, however, neglected to fully empty one, and orange juice had spilled in my car. I am now fully aware that my car is at the commuter lot, baking in the sun, and I am trying to prepare my self for the wretching, heaving and swearing that will likely occur upon my arrival back to my car. My quickie clean up is no match for hot bad orange juice.
So, on to tv! Rhonj aired. I really enjoy that franchise, but it also stresses me out. Jac’a bleached asshole comment made me laugh out loud. The Caroline downsizing thing….if I’m not mistaken, aren’t her and AL having issues? T and Mel made the right choice in getting the kids together on neutral ground. There is no way under that scenario would I send my kids to the other one’s house. I do think it’s sad that T’s girls have a lot of negative stuff to say about Mel. On camera, Teresa seems to try not to bad mouth Mel, but when the kids speak, you can see she clearly does talk badly about her. All her “talking head” interviews are the same. I can’t believe Mel’s still worried about being called a stripper. Look Mel, you’re
Hot, you have a great husband and kids that love you. Your house is awesome and you have a good deal. If I had your body I would walk around naked all day, just because I could, capiche? The bigger fuss you make, the more ammo you give people.
A quick note on OC…anyone see that Vicki is getting sued because ER and Brooks defrauded money out of her business partner (effectively getting money to pay off Brooksie’s past due child support). I seem to remember Vicki stomping her big ol’ judgement boots all over Gretchen about Slade’s child support. I guess to hide her hypocrisy she’s helping Brooks pay it off. This should be interesting. I am not a Vicki fan. She is a flaming hypocrite, plays the victim, and she exhausts me.
Well, my train started to
Move while I was prattling away here. Sorry for the typos but I wrote this on my phone and frankly, I don’t have my glasses on to be able to proofread it. Autocorrect is not my friend. I am almost at Grand Central. Hopefully I can make it through the day without any calamities. Oh yes…any of you remember the women who I took supplies to after Hurricane Sandy destroyed her home? I am seeing her today, along with the author that brought us together! We talk almost daily and have become extremely close friends. I know that many of you have asked me how she is doing. She is getting by. FEMA was a nightmare. They have found a rental and will be moving into the new rental soon. Her husband isn’t faring great, but he is ok. I will keep you posted.

Messy xx