Adventures in Mommyhood

Just a little story I though I would share for all you parents out there…..

Tonight, my dad came up from another state to visit, He, the kids and I all go out for dinner, which was good except the kids were excited he was here and so were a bit hyper. At the end of the meal, my 2 year old slid under the table. I thought she was coming under to come get her coat on. “Come and get your coat on” I said. A high pitched yet loud voice announces from under the table “I can’t, I’m pooping!”. I thought I must have been mistaken, and called to her again. “Mommy, I am pooping down here! I’ll be done in a minute!!”. Awkward silence. My father said “oh yes, she is most certainly pooping”. We sit, and we wait. Finally she emerges, and as I put on her coat and pick her up, she begins to cry. “mommy! I pooped…Change me!!! I pooped! I did a huge poop…change me mommy!”. This occurs all the way to the restrooms, getting louder and more frantic, while people stare at me and Tiny Dame Crappedalot. I just mumbled “enjoy your salad ” and “the bread is good here” to the patrons.