RHOBH, yes, you knew I’d have comments on this!

Oh, come on. You knew I would come out of hiding to write a few words on this week’s show, right?

So much that I don’t even know where to begin!

So my quick take on the ladies right off the cuff are as follows:

Yolanda: I was wrong about Yolanda. I owe her an apology. I thought she was dull. I thought she was the crazy lemon lady. I thought she was odd, Yet that was before. Yolanda has officially won me over. She doesn’t have Lisa status, but she is in the top few that I admire. I enjoy her bluntness, her sense if right vs. wrong, and the fact she takes a stand. I enjoy her and the fact that she is a voice of reason on the show. I am also jealous of her ability to wear all white beautifully and flawlessly. And her hair is awesome,

Kyle: I love Kyle’s hair. Not so much a fan of her husband this season. Kyle acts like she tries to stay out of the drama but yet she’s always got a front row seat and has something to say….except when it comes to Lisa, in which case, there is no backup given. I find it interesting Kyle is everyone’s bestie when it comes to selling their house. Rather telling

Kim. Kim, you’re missing steps. The victim role has to stop. Stop comp,aiming about Brandi calling you a meth head. You brought that ALL on yourself with your bizarre behavior. You admit you were an alcoholic and a pill popper, and if you behave like and addict, eventually someone is going to point the finger and say “hey, you act like an addict.”. Why are you so angered that she called a spade a spade? Ok, she got the wrong drug, but the behavior is the same. You’re also still made Kyle called you out? Probably the best thing she ever did because you had to be accountable….yet I still don’t feel you are. Then the Paris thing….to be honest, I am wondering why a doctor who is treating a person struggling for sobriety would give them a mind altering drug like Ativan. Know what they call that? “Attagirl”. I know, because I used to take it. That drug will eff you up if taken incorrectly, and the fact you’re on there and not dosing properly is a major problem. Does anyone else think Kim slurs a lot? Or is it her California crunchy persona? Whatever the case, I can’t handle her crying about how she was wronged, when she blew people off, treated them like crap, and acted like an asshole.

Taylor, she annoys me less than prior seasons.

Camille:I had liked Camille, but now I think I am seeing her for who she is. I think she played the game to recover from season 1 but that fake won’t last as long as people thing it will.

Lisa and Ken: ken is by far my favorite househusband because I find him to be a true gent. He has a great sense of humor, he seems sweet and kind, and I just like the guy! When he and Lisa renewed their vows I cried and laughed and smiled. It was great to be able to share that with them, although it felt weird having Lisa without her trademark pink. It felt like a real moment between them. I love that Lisa says it how she feels, but that when people do her wrong, she just shuts them off.

Adrienne: what a friggen asshole. Ugh, I hate her only slightly less than Faye, WHO IS NOT A HOUSEWIFE. So Adrienne comes on with a big secret, which to be honest, is really not that big a deal. She gets lawyers involved in a personal beef, which, let’s be honest….you have an argument with someone, you don’t call a lawyer unless you want to “throw your dick on the table” as Brandi says. Adrienne threw out a threat. Then she lied about it. What’s hilaaaaarious is Kyle, Kim and Camille feigning such shock at the divorce. Um, you guys were her grand supporters and yet you never had an inkling that this was coming? Aren’t you her buddies? Did you WATCH the show? Adrienne showed Paul about as much affection as that Navy Seal showed Osama Bin Laden. Then Adrienne causes fights and shit storms, and the final straw? She marches her sad sack puss into Lisa and Ken’s house, says nothing to them, and pulls the guests to the NEW party….Adrienne’s Pity Party. She cries, she snivels, she hopes Bernie is leaking the pics to Radar Online. Then, after all that drama about failing marriages at a vow renewal, she LEAVES and says she is to sad to be there! Why did you even show up in the first place???? Adrienne is a slimy piece of work. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is supplying Faye with money, gossip or coke to say whatever lies she wants spread.

Faye… The NON HOUSEWIFE needs to go. Former coke head who tried to profit from Nicole Brown Simpson’s death….I have no interested in what that crypt keeper mummy has to say. If I did, I would ask Adrienne and Kyle directly!

Marissa…honey, your husband is a big ol’pussy, and you resent him for it. You berate him, humiliate him, and talk about him like he’s a piece of dung and he says nothing. It’s awkward to watch.

Brandi: she looked gorgeous. Still enjoy her.

I’m falling asleep but there will be more!

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