I’m baaaaackkkkkk!

Hi Loveys!

Oh, how I have missed you all.  It has been a busy/tough time at the Messy household.  So much to catch you up on.

The big news is that my father in law passed away the other week.  It happened on my son’s birthday (although we haven’t told him the actual day my FIL passed) so it has been an emotional time for all.  My father and I got along quite well, although we had differing views on some things.  We had a few differences in the past but I genuinely liked the guy.  He made me laugh, and of course, he raised the man I love to be an amazing guy, so I respected him a lot.  His passing was sudden, and it has hit our family hard.  For me it has brought a slew of feelings up from the past from my mother passing as well.  I will probably blog a bit about that soon.  (Get your hankies ready if you’ve lost a parent.  i know I will need some.)  I am trying to help my husband get through this by just being there to do what I can, but I will tell you, it’s a very hopeless feeling.  My husband told our son about his grandfather’s passing, and he did an AMAZING job in my opinion.  He told him that it was ok to scared, or sad, or angry, or to laugh and smile too.  He said that any feelings or questions he may have about it were ok, and that we would try to answer any questions he may have as best we could.  He’s been quiet about it, and I have let him be quiet but told him he can talk to me about if he wants to.  Even still, it breaks my heart that what should be a very happy day will forever be tinged with sadness. 

In other news, I have started seeing a doctor to try to get some solutions for the chronic pain I have in my back and hips.  I look forward to finding some relief, but I do fear that i will be expected to do far more housework!!!  Bleh, housework.  I clean and clean, and clean and clean, then clean some more….and the family comes behind me like a giant shit storm and blows toys and dust and doo dads all over the place.  They make dirty dishes, dirty clothes and dirty diapers (ew), all for me to sort out.  It’s so disheartening.  Then I have people who want to come over and I get rabid squirrel crazed and start frantically cleaning.  It’s a vicious cycle, I tell you!!!!

I slacked on RHOBH this week, but will watch it tonight.  I see in the news Adrienne bailed on the reunion.  What a twat.  She signed up for the show, she should be there….especially since she claims Brandi is a liar…get up and defend yourself, coward. Yes, i know that i like Jax and I know she too bailed on a reunion, but I am totally playing my hypocrite card.  Then again, i still wished Jac would have gone to the reunion as well.

Mobwives: Chicago wives are still battling on Twitter?  I don’t know what the beef still is, but I see it’s still pretty evil between them.  NY still has me hooked in.  Thank God that Drita isn’t so angry these days.  I really enjoy a happy Drita, although I do totally miss her occasional angry outbursts.  I am enjoying all the ladies but I’m really not sure what to make of Carla this season.  About the whole “junkie” thing?  Look, being friends with an addict is a frustrating experience.  It’s like having someone who is supposed to be your friend yet who acts like a complete stranger.  I think Renee took it too personally.  Chances are, if she was acting like an addict, she was probably doing some assholish things.  She wasn’t herself.  Carla seemed to call a spade a spade.  That being said, if someone waved a knife at me, I’d have to punch a bitch.  Just sayin’.  I guess I am at a place in life where i want to see more happiness, less drama.  I don’t need women telling me how “hard” or crazy they are.  I was that way…in my 20’s.  Know what I figured out?  People who do that are insecure, and the people that hang out with them are probably not people you want to hang out with anyway.  Sure, this is their deal, and I’m sure in that lifestyle you have to have a tough exterior.  For me? I like to see them get along, see what else is going on instead of catfights.  I WOULD like to interview some of these ladies though.  I am interested in what they have to say and would like to ask them some real questions.   I think the life they have led is interesting.

Dragrace…Tell me who your favorites are! I am guessing they will keep Alaska to play up the Alaska Sharon drama.  Anyone agree?  It’s funny, they have a character type each season and they are sticking to it.

Ok Loveys.  Call me a softy for this….perhaps it’s due to what’s been going on lately in my life, but please do a random act of kindness this week for someone.  Let me know what it is at @Messy_Housewife We only have a short time on this planet, do something kind for the next guy.



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