“And YOU get an edit of fail, and YOU get an edit of fail, and YOU and YOU and YOU” RHOBH

Bravo is having a good old time giving out the edits of fail this year on RHOBH.  While I too get caught up in it all, I have to occasionally step back and try to decipher what’s more of the truth and what is just incredibly slanted editing.  The best part is that it changes from year to year, as well!!  Sure, the producers will say it’s so we see a different side of these ladies, but much of it is to characterize and slot the women into the roles they want them to play.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Let’s start with the woman of many names…Taylor.  Let’s face, it, most of the viewers don’t care for Taylor.  They always have to have one person on that people love to hate, and I surmise she wins that contest.  Taylor started out the season doing her “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Charity”, which, I will admit, is a VERY worthy cause.  Taylor’s domestic issues aside, whether true or false, should not take away from the domestic violence cause.  I find it amusing though that they start off with Taylor trying to do good, yet temper it all with her mean girl attitude and gossiping about Brandi.  Then they sprinkled on rude alcohol fueled behavior at Yolanda’s, and peppered it all with a season full of facial muggings, twitches, and over-acted responses.  I really wish i could make a soundless video of just Taylor’s face struggling to make sarcastic and over zealous expressions.  I think she works against the Botox and fillers and the end result is somewhat terrifying or fascinating.  They absolutely give her the edit of fail, but she gives them way too much material to work with.

Brandi.  Poor Brandi.  I really like her, and I wish her well.  They have portrayed her as someone who just can not shut up, and it’s sad.  The cut up montage of Brandi talking about Adrienne was done clearly to present the image she spent the entire night talking only about Adrienne.  The fact they cut out the “BIG SECRET” Brandi leaked was done for one of two reasons.  Either Adrienne has threatened Bravo to “law up” if they showed it, or they wanted to portray it as SO bad they just COULDN’T show it.  End result?  Viewers are pissed, and most of us don’t give a shit.  I think they have portrayed Brandi as this horrible loose cannon all season that can’t keep her mouth shut.  I think she can…she certainly has about some things.  What Brandi has on her side is that fans like her honesty, her ability to say she messed up, and she has Lisa on her side.  She also seems nervous and anxious much of the time around these women, and I think that’s why the mouth opens.  She has shown great kindness to Kim though.  Even when they try to give her a bad edit, I think Brandi succeeds in remaining likeable.

Kyle: Kyle’s edit shows Mauricio dropping cash like it’s pennies this season.  Kyle appears to be trying to get the “I’m just trying to be fair, kind, and likeable” edit, yet she doesn’t quite get it.  The whole scene with Faye charging after Brandi after being briefed by Kyle is case in point.  I want to like Kyle, and sometimes I really do, but then she stumbles and goes back to mean girl.  She seems to get the schemer edit, although they almost handed it off to Taylor with her “she’s slept with everyone! montage against Brandi.

Adrienne and Paul.  Oof.  Adrienne seemed rather likeable before.  I liked she was in charge of her businesses, and I enjoyed her whimsicle tinsel in her hair.  I did.  Even though her face leans towards plastic elfian, I still liked her.  But then she became when less likeable when she proved she had no sense of humor.  “Crackpot” was too much for her to bear.  The hoof made her irate.  Really, Adrienne?  If nothing else, it solidified you even have a shoe business in people’s heads.  I have no idea what your shoe business is called, but I sure as shit know the “Maloof Hoof”!  And seriously, woman to woman?  Unless we are swinging from poles, most of us aren’t gonna purchase the “Hoof covers” you’re hocking us, because us average women don’t wear them, and rich ladies with some semblance of taste aren’t going to wear stripper shoes in broad daylight.  THEN we have you screaming about Russel last year and lawsuits, but you dropped the L word yourself this season.  Welcome to hypocriteville! THEN we have the fact that while you and Paul are playing pretend house this season, we all know it was a sham.   THEN there is the fact your creepy chef is carrying nekkie pics of you banged up on his phone.  Um, what?  And he leaked them right when you wanted to go for divorce and fight child custody battles.  You didn’t leak them of course, winky winky wink.  You didn’t spew hatred and allegations against Paul…you had other people do it. You dumped a story about Brandi in the mags but grilled Lisa for doing so when she hadn’t.  See, that’s the thing, Adrienne, you do your nasty biz in  a passive aggressive, sneaky, backhanded way.  It’s clear as day, and girlfriend, you can’t even cry edit of death because you played your story out off camera too.

Kim: I like they are showing you sober and trying to take charge instead of being a wallflower.  The problem is, you’re still a little flighty and ya kind of come off as not so nice at times.  Unimpressed you implied you’d blow off your niece’s birthday.  Unimpressed by the start of the Brandi and Adrienne issue at Mauricio’s party.  Kim so clearly holds so much bitterness at Kyle it’s kind of depressing.  Did Kyle kill Kim’s puppy during childhood or something? Or is Kim mad Kyle outed her drinking?  What’s the back story there?  Maybe I missed it.  The editing of prom and Kim sitting the background tossing a chicken salad by hand was HILARIOUS and totally random.  Did we miss something there?  or was it purposely left out to make her look a little cray cray?

Yolanda:  was Yolanda put on the show as the Bionic Woman to show the inadequacies of all these failing American women?  Her house is bigger, her fridge is fancier, her looks at events are impeccable, her manners are apparently far superior…..To be honest, she bores me.  I don’t feel the fun.  I feel over achiever, “I’ve done it all before…better than you” attitude.  I don’t feel fun from her.  I like a bit of fun.  Kyle, for her issues on the show, at least drops a split and gets a little wild.  I think she might be fun to hang out with.  Yolanda makes me feel like I would never be good enough, nor would it be a laid back time.

Lisa: Dammit, I love Lisa, and I’ll say it time and time again.  Lisa got the Mommy at home, Balls to the wall at work edit this year.  This has been a growing trend.  Lisa shows she can be a real laugh, but she doesn’t mess around.  I like that she’s honest, but tactful.  I like that she didn’t put Adrienne on blast for the jungle that was sent, but read the card and let it sit for what it was.  I like she doesn’t bullshit.  She doesn’t like you…you don’t exist.  She doesn’t go ghetto, she doesn’t pick a fight or try to get people on sides.  She says what she thinks, and stands her ground.  Lisa will take an apology, but she doesn’t forget. I love her relationship with Ken.  For all the jokes, there is love there from what I can see, and that makes me happy.  I enjoy her signature Pink.  I think they are certainly giving her the sweet at home/big boss lady edit this season, even with a mob style sit down with one of the employees.  Wait to lay the foundation for her spin off show about the business.  Interesting that she is so friendly with Brandi yet has Brandi’s ex’s former mistress working for her.  Simply put, Lisa keeps it compartmentalized.  Me? I’d be like…”you gots to go!” but hey, that’s why she’s got the big bucks, right?

So Lovey’s do tell….what are your thoughts on the cast and the edits they get?  Do Tell!

Happy holidays!

Love, Messy xx





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