RHOBH, my loves, hates, and general thoughts

After the last very serious blog post, I figured I’d go back to a bit of fluffier material today.  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is probably one of my favorite franchises of RH.  I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because I love me some Lisa Vanderpump, (probably because she sounds like my mom). I’m going to throw out what is purely my opinions on the cast and happenings, and you guys tell me what YOU think!

Let me start with Lisa.  I enjoy Lisa.  Sure, she scores brownie points because she sounds just like my mom, whom I miss very much, so I feel an instant warmth with her.  What I also like about Lisa is that she has a certain sense of power and class, yet she’s rolled it all up in pink and diamonds. What could be better?  The party at Villa Blanca was a perfect example of why I like Lisa.  It was over the top, yet fun, and her handling of the flower monstrosity was well played.

Brandi.  I’m a fan of Brandi’s openness and personality.  Sometimes I see why some of her jokes fall a little flat, but for the most time, I think she’s funny and probably a blast to be around.  Of course, hanging out with Brandi is not for the insecure, because let’s face it, she’s beautiful and will joke about sleeping with your man.  I feel bad for what happened in her marriage, but I hope she moves past it and finds happiness with someone else.  It feels like years later, it’s such a big topic of conversation when it comes to her.  While I don’t blame her anger, IMO, it is starting to seem like she’s holding on to a lot of bitterness.  I don’t know, I’d probably be bitter too.  Na, who am I kidding, I’d be in jail.

Kim: I just can’t get with Kim.  Her flighty weirdness seems so awkward….awkward enough that i can no longer tell if she’s flighty, or high on a bunch of Xanax.  Ok, perhaps occasionally it’s editing, but really?  Did anyone else think it looked completely ridonkulous when her daughter is getting ready for prom and Kim is sitting in the background, by herself, kind of in an out of focus way, just tossing a salad with her hand?  Who was that huge salad for? What was the friggin deal with the salad????  I also loved the whole big scene of going to see “aunt Kathy” for dress try ons, only for her to choose a totally different dress.  Bravo, what was the point of that?  Just to remind us that she’s related to the Hiltons?  I was REALLY put off by Kim’s “whatever” nature about Portia’s party.  It’s her niece, you’d think she would go for a child.  Instead, even though she does end up going, Kim goes out of her way to make Kyle see that both Kim and her kids are pretty “whatever” about Portia.  Dirty pool in the game of sibling arguments.  Every time she comes on screen, I get antsy and agitated.

Kyle:  I love Kyle’s hair.  I covet it.  I think she’s trying harder in some ways to tone down the bitchiness this year.  It’s like she’s trying to channel a bit of Camille from last season.  I also love her car.  I think kyle can be a lot of fun, but I haven’t really sussed her out this year.

Yolanda:  She seems a bit up herself.  Maybe it’s the European thing.  I need to see more to suss her out.  She looks amazing for her age though, and certainly pulls a look together.  I think she could make a sack look couture.

Taylor:  I can’t handle Skelator.  I just can’t.  I can’t handle her mugging faces, grimaces, fake tears, and attempts to move her botoxed within an inch of her life face.  Her weird facial expressions at Yolanda’s party are ingrained into my retinas, and I want to off myself because of it.  I am also REALLY hating her catty meow meow comments about Brandi.  (see insecure comments above).  I also love that that guy couldn’t remember Taylor’s name at the party and she got all pissy pies about it.  Really Taylor?  Do YOU remember what you’re calling yourself this week?  Because if memory serves me correctly, you’ve had a few switcheroonies in the name department.   Bleh, Blurgh and ugh.

Adrienne.  WOW.  See, this is when watching a show filmed last year gets really interesting.  Surprisingly there is quite a bit of interaction between Paul and Adrienne thus far on camera.  Mostly where he talks to her and she gives him looks like “I wish you’d die”.  But we’re all supposed to believe things are decent, since they’ve almost always seemed cold and distant towards each other on the show for the most part.  Meanwhile, in the news the past few months, we’ve seen their marriage unravel faster than Kim D’s (from rhonj) ratty weave.  Their divorce got not only ugly, it got CREEPY, with Adrienne’s chef tweeting nakkie pics of Adrienne with bruises on her that were supposedly from Paul.  In other words, Adrienne didn’t leak them (wink wink) the chef did.  Now why does her chef have nakkie pics of his boss?  Was he soapin’ up her chicken?  Now while we watch Paul all pissy at Lisa this season, when it came down to the nasty divorce, who defended him from the Hoof??  Lisa.  It’s such a soap opera I could squeal.  Now look.  I am firmly and totally against domestic abuse.  The problem is, I don’t know about these pics.  To me, it’s looking like a setup over money and kids.  No matter what, it’s bad.  But after watching Adrienne make her HUGE passive aggressive statement with that flowering turd she sent to Lisa’s party, I am not surprised that she would have her chef passive aggressively plant seeds of character defamation while Adrienne stayed mute.  If her kids were getting beaten, why not go 100% public with that? I’d be screaming from the rooftops to protect my babies.  She stayed strangely quiet all things considered.

So there you have it.  My thoughts in a nutshell.  I can”t WAIT for the rest of this season to pan out!!!

Messy xx

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