Anonymity lets me be be the loudest gal in the room.

It’s funny how a little anonymity allows a person to be raw and real in ways they may not be able to in their normal lives. Some people use that ability that the Internet affords them to be Internet trolls, to say rude things they would never dare say in real life. For others, like myself, it allows a sense of freedom that is refreshing and liberating.

I spent the past few days trying to figure what I wanted to say in this blog. I want to keep it upbeat, sure, but right now, I’m a bit under the weather. I’m actually not from the US, and I was raised to have a certain sense of guardedness when it comes to my life. I was raised that way, but I think my family is often shocked at how open I am. I feel like an open book, for the most part, yet upon closer reflection, I realize that I hold so much in. mostly, I’m sure, for fear of judgement from loved ones, and also because of retribution if my feelings are not popular. How is that a way to live? my tiny bit of anonymity allows me to share more of myself than even some people who know me well know of me. I was raised to be very conscious of other people’s feelings, but I think sometimes I do it at the expense of my own.

I will warn you that I suspect the next couple of blogs may be a bit more on the serious side (after all. I just couldn’t get into the RHOM! Maybe I’ll catch a marathon of them and get drawn in, who knows?). I will share some stuff with you that people who know me don’t even know. Why? Because I can do so without fear of reprisal from those I know, and because this sliver of freedom to be me may help someone else. You see, dear readers, it’s not just my house that’s messy sometimes…it’s my life as well. I’m a firm believer that life hands you lessons, and if you don’t pay attention the first time, you’ll get those same stinkin’ lessons over and over until you pull your self together and pay attention! Hopefully my journey and the lessons I learned will help at least one person out there get the gist of their lessons a little faster and save them some grief. I’ll also share a. It more about my mom. I feel she has a story to be told, and I’m left to tell it. Everyone, if you take the time to listen, has a story to tell.

I’ll get back to the lighthearted fun, I promise. I hope you’ll stick with me through the serious times as well.

Messy xx

2 thoughts on “Anonymity lets me be be the loudest gal in the room.

  1. Sometimes Lost

    So true, but the more I write the more I like, defend & am proud of this “person” who is letting it out.
    We all need an outlet. I’m happy you have found yours (and I get to be entertained by reading it)


  2. sgwaid

    So glad I was pointed yo you on twitter and therefore found your blog. Read up last night and love your writings! Keep them coming:)

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