Jill Zarin and the Worst Exit Interview Ever

Ah, Jill.

Jill, Jill…..Jill. Girl, what were you thinking? I’m not sure who in your life told you it would be a good choice to go on Bravo and effectively do an exit interview on national TV, but you need to punch them in the neck swiftly, and firmly.

The reason companies do an exit interview is generally to see why the employee is leaving, and to gather some of the employee’s thoughts. The reason Bravo TV does an exit interview, with someone they FIRED, a YEAR after the fact, is for ratings and viewers. What gathers ratings and viewers on Bravo? Train wrecks. You, my dear, provided the perfect train wreck, and then went on to brag that effectively, you train wrecking in slow motion was “trending”.

I know you probably felt like you ended the RHONY run as the bitchy one. Then again, maybe you didn’t. You called Alex an “f’ing bitch” but claimed last night you all were off for din dins right after that. Somehow, I think NOTSOMUCH. You whined your dog was not the favorite. You whined you were not the favorite. You whined your editing was not favorited. You pretty much said they replaced you with someone to BE you. You complained about the new cast. The complaints, the whining and the dissatisfaction droned on until all I could hear was the teachers from Peanuts singing in choir form “wah, WAH!”

And as I sat there, watching Andy look at you with a patronizing look of a therapist who wants to look like he empathizes but really wants to just take a shit instead of listening to people’s incessant whining, I felt bad for you.

Wait! Before you think you pulled me over to your side…..realize this. Jill, I don’t think people were gonna “switch sides” on ya. To be honest, the Housewives franchise is 100% a 15 minutes of fame kind of deal. Bethenny broke free of it, true. Bethenny won an army of fans and works so hard she barely has any time for anything else. She has built an empire on being thin…which is what most women in the US and much of the world yearn to be. But the rest? Who cares what Jo is doing. Who even remembers Jo? What about Jeanna, a few of the random blondes, and Kelly? Nobody cares. Alex is on a new show…only time will tell how that works out for her. But to be honest? Once you’re off, you’re off, and outta sight, outta mind my friend. You weren’t gonna sway anyone, because people aren’t thinking about you on a professional level these days on a regular basis. I don’t mean to be harsh, but it’s true.

Instead of bowing out gracefully you came back to complain on NATIONAL TV. It backfired. It may have even hurt future career prospects…nobody wants to hire the mouthy person who publicly makes noise about their former company. I cringe. I die. I can’t bare to think about it again, never mind watch it again.

Jill, get a new PR team, and surround yourself with truth tellers instead of yes people. People who will tell you that trying to get vindication a year after anyone wants to know will make you look kind of desperate. Oh yeah, and again, find the person who told you to proceed and punch em square in the neck!

Messy xx

One thought on “Jill Zarin and the Worst Exit Interview Ever

  1. Alex is on another show??? I didn’t know that. This was a great overview of the trainwreck of an interview. These girls really do need to understand that RH series is 15 minutes of fame and generally when you’re kicked out, you’re forgotten. But I think Jill is an exception to that rule ONLY because of her delusional tirades on social media.

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