The Messy Housewife Does the Laundry Battle

Laundry in our house is an overwhelming experience.  2 adults, one of whom is 6’2 and therefore has bigger clothes, plus 2 children’s worth means that much of my housekeeping time revolves around laundry.  On the whole, laundry is one area where I do pull what little domestic pride I have from.  I’m pretty handy at getting out stains, and Oxy Clean is my bestie in the laundry room.  When I worked as a waitress years ago, staff members commented my white shirts always looked new.  (Thank you oxy clean!)  The main reason I think I identify with the aundry is that it is so parallel for my personality and my life in general.

For starters?  The one thing I love about doing laundry is the challenge of making sure what goes in broken, comes out fixed.  I love the challenge of seeing a stain and getting it out.  I think on some level it makes me feel success in a housekeeping task where usually I feel a bit of a failure.  I love the smell of fresh laundry, the warmth of it when it comes out of the dryer, and the fluffiness.  Nothing makes me happier than sliding into bed when freshly laundered sheets are on.  Pure bliss.  I swear I sleep better on those days!

While I love the challenge, the softness, smells and all those goodies, doing laundry is like a drug for me.  The initial doing is the high, the folding and putting away part is my come down and low.  Socks are the bane of my existence. Hundreds off them in various sizes, colors, and styles, always mismatched and floating around.  Do you have any idea how far one sock belonging to a 2 year old can travel?  it’s like they walk off on their own.  Another question? how do kids socks gets so darned dirty when they are in shoes all day?  I washed the shoes…socks still dingy! Have I bred children who sweat dirt from their feet??  And just when I think I’ve got a handle on it….they outgrow those socks, so I have to buy a different style until I can weed out all the old socks to replace with the new.  All this focus on socks, and I realize while I am domestically lacking in other areas.

Then there is the putting away of the laundry.  Dear Loveys, I admit it with shame….anything clean and folded goes on the dryer….forever.  I am just not good at the whole putting away part.  Sometimes Mr. helps, other times the mount Vesuvius of laundry gets so high that I can’t reach the dials to turn the dryer on. Sometimes, what’s on top, falls down on to the hamper, so clean is mixed with dirty and I am washing the same item over and over! Then I know I have lost the battle.  Even after I put the huge mountain away, I realize the closets or overflowing, there are random other areas where clothes hide, and I wonder…why do we have so many clothes?  It amazes me that i have tons of clothes, yet wear half, and I STILL don’t look fabulous most of the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m presentable, but for all the work this laundry entails, shouldn’t I look unfrigginbelievably amazing?

Deep down, I know the laundry is a metaphor for my life.  I love a challenge, but after the challenge, I lose interest  I’m a procrastinator.  If laundry emulates life, can life emulate laundry?  Dirty, messy, jumbled,  until you work to clean it up and make it bright?  When you think you are most buried, you can shine it up and feel brand new? If I can just get a handle on the laundry, will I hold life by the balls? Beacsue really, what’s a few socks?  Oh, wait…..

Miss Messy xxx

Some quick tips:

Add a cup of vinegar to washes containing new dark clothes or when you get new jeans (wash them inside out).  It helps the color stay darker, longer.

Freshish bloodstains?  I use regular bar soap and cold water.  scrub with the soap and rinse well.  Usually does the trick.

Oxy Clean:  I love it for whites.  Less harsh than bleach (which can cause holes and yellowing) and really removes a good deal of stains.

Club soda: great for removing stains when used right away.

Hairspray is also good for “freezing” spills  until you can wash the item.  Spray on right when fresh.  It sticks to the stain, and when you wash, can help pull out the stain.

I’m not saying these are foolproof, but they help me on a daily basis!





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