Can’t we all just get along? Oh hell no, we can’t! RHONJ reunion

Well, it’s been a few days since part 2 of the RHONJ reunion aired.  I thought the dust had settled.  It was a tense experience to watch.  I thought I had prepared for what I would see…I prepped by watching Dexter right beforehand.  I figured the death and destruction on Dexter would balance out whatever the housewives threw at each other.  I was wrong.

Screaming, squeaking, singing, pointing, threats of suing each other, and accusations were flying back and forth.  Twitter exploded.  Team Teresa vs Team Melissa, or Team Teresa vs everyone else.  I have seen some of the NASTIEST cruelest comments on Twitter, and I’m left a little shell shocked.  It’s one thing to watch 2 people who know each other verbally duke it out.  It’s quite another to watch people attack people on TV as if they know them personally.  Sure, we all have opinions.  We all have assholes too, we just don’t go out throwing them at people.  People have dug up dirt from 15 years ago against Melissa, ready to burn her at the stake.  Others are foaming at the mouth over Teresa’s blogs and taking it further.

I’ll state my opinion formally here.  I generally never side 100% on these things.  Why?  Because while I enjoy them on TV and on Twitter, I don’t personally know Melissa, Jac, Tre, Kathy or Caroline.   They know each other, but they don’t know me and vice versa.  I always say, there’s always 3 sides to the story, one from each person, and the truth.

In fairness, I do think Teresa is out of her mind from what I’ve watched.  She NEEDS a PR person or friend to tell her that sometimes, ya just gotta shut yer yap.    She’s gotten caught in lies about the blogs and magazines this season, She’s said her family is out to DESTROY her.  How does someone DESTROY a grown woman?  Unless you’re dead on the ground, methinks you’re being over dramatic there, sugar.  Her blogs bleed her distaste for Melissa.  Teresa would pay Mel a half assed compliment and then undercut it with a passive aggressive insult.  OVER and OVER and OVER. Her blog this week is full of vitriolic comments from her “fans” which slam everyone else on the show.  This allows Tre to say shit that’s pure hatred while smiling and squeaking that SHE didn’t say it, the fans did. Teresa strikes me as an incredibly unhappy person in what appears to be an unhappy marriage, who is trying desperately to pretend all is well.  It’s clearly not.

This is where I feel a little bad for Tre.  Her husband talks to her like she’s a piece of shit.  Half the time he’s embarrassing himself in front of the cameras, and the other half of the time he’s missed the point that when you’re on TV, you gotta mind your P’s and Q’s.  He’s committing crimes, and baby, he doesn’t have the rockstar persona to back up that bad boy attitude.  He fails at even driving a car.  Helen Keller could apparently operate a motor vehicle better than Juicy.  The worst part is that he’s just too dumb to be shady.  Obviously if you’re filming, you know you’re mic’d.  Why would you sneak off to talk in your “sexy growly voice” to your Spanish pizza guy, yet speak to him in Italian?  Why would you call your wife names that make Lorena Bobbit perk up and grab her cleaver?  (Side note, I lived right near them at the time and often wondered what the scene was like when they found his twig, minus his berries.  “you pick it up”, “No, You!”)  Because you’re an idiot, that’s why.  An idiot that’s gotten his wife into possible legal troubles and doesn’t care enough that she’s trying desperately to keep the family afloat.  Do I think Joe’s cheating?  ABSOLUTELY. He forged Teresa’s name to NUMEROUS documents, insults her on TV, he was out with another woman the night of the fashion show, and purred down the phone to someone and then called his wife a bitch and a see you next Tuesday.  Even the kids made comments.

I saw a lot of nastiness from Teresa on the reunion.  I know she’s saying the ganged up on her.  Yet I can’t help but think that she brought some stuff on herself.  When Andy asked her about what she thought of Caroline’s parenting, she said “I think her kids are great”. Stop.Right.There. But no….”but…..”  See, those butts get you into trouble, Tre.  You could have took the gracious route, but you didn’t.   Always best to say less than hurl that insult.

At the end of the day…there’s just SO much to talk about.  all the relationships, the comments, the fights, the love.  I hope people can do it with decency.  If you wouldn’t tell someone something to their face, check your Twitter Muscles at the door and at least show SOME sense of restraint.  If you don’t know the person personally, why call them the most horrible names?   I know I’ve probably dropped a few comments that were a little harsh, but for the most part, I like to debate.

Sorry if this is all a bit disjointed.  I have a raging head cold and Nyquil is my bestie right now@

MWAH Loveys!



5 thoughts on “Can’t we all just get along? Oh hell no, we can’t! RHONJ reunion

  1. Pam

    I think you’re spot on. This show has destroyed a family. Tre needs to quit, get herself into some serious therapy (although, she would need the ability to admit she may not be perfect) People can’t destroy your life. They can only do to you what you allow. The kids need help as well.
    As for Juicy Joe – he’s a bad egg. I don’t know if he’s always been that way but he needs to work on himself too.

  2. Erin

    I think they need some fresh cast members on the show. The fact that so many of these people are related and know one another makes is so much more venomous. On top of that, they filmed two seasons back to back and there is so much going on behind the scenes that we don’t see – enough is enough.

    1. A big theme of RHONJ is that a majority of the castmates are related or connected closely to each other, unlike the rest of the franchise where most of them start off barely knowing each other. But, as you said, it really backfired in the end. I have no idea what is going to happen next season since most of the cast claim not to speak to Teresa. How can you have a show when one castmate is shunned by everyone?

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